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Horse Stables, Farms, Ranches all offer something valuable. This is the place to let others know what your stable does and what you offer!

FEATURED STABLES or farms rotate on the homepage and include extra flyers & info your customers can print, plus a link to your site.

LOCATE stables & farms - search and find by name, breeds, disciplines & services offered. Locate stables nearby or by the speciality you need.

Updates are rewarded! Edit often to keep your stable near the top of your category.

Own a stable, farm or ranch? Do you train or teach? Perhaps your stable offers guest ranch opportunities for vacationers, or perhaps you simply offer boarding, or maybe trail riding.

HSC invites you to join the Stables Community. Standard stable ads are only $5 for an entire year; Featured ads $49 or less.


Name Breeds Disciplines Services Offered State

Featured Stables Directory Listings

--Raymond & Lillian Shively / R & L LLC
Raymond & Lillian Shively / R & L LLC
More blue ribbons at the KY State Fair World's Championship than any other farm in history.
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Standard Stables Directory Listings
R and R Stables
Missouri's premier Facility.
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Evergreen Valley Stables
Located in the Branchville/Newton, NJ area, minutes away from Rt. 206, Rt. 15 and Rt. 80.
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New Jersey
Beaver Hollow Farm
THE place fore horse-lovers of any age.
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Equi-Valent Riding Center
Assisted Therapy and Learning Center with Equine Specialists.
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Rosebud Equestrian Adventures
Plan an event or vacation, we'll turn it into a memory you will never forget.
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New York
Triple Oak Farm
Matching customers with top quality animals.
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Cavallo Ventures
Building upon the success of brilliant breeding programs.
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Jaquima a Freno Morgan Stock Horses
"Hackamore to Bridle".
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Willington Hills Equestrian Center
everyone here respects everyone else.
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Browse Stables by State

What stables and farms exist in which part or state of the country? Locating stables and/or farms that can serve us is of great concern. Of course the stables sure want you to know about them, and where they are located.. The knowledge base we offer makes it as easy as one click to email any stable or farm listed on this site.


The following states offer at least 3 stables, farms or ranches:

AL    AZ    CA    CO    CT    FL    GA    IL    IN    KY    LA    MD    MA    MI    MO    NJ    NY    NC    OH    OR    PA    TN    TX    VT    VA    WA    WI   

Browse Stables by Breeds

Which stables or farms are involved with which breeds ? All owners and riders wish to know which stables deal with their favorites and are therefore of vital interest to them. Of course some stables deal with only one breed, some with a few, others with more than a few. Below, are many of the most popular breeds across the country and beyond. Click the breed-name for its stables and farms.


Breeds for which there are at least 3 stables or farms or ranches:

Browse Stables by Disciplines

A discipline is one long practiced, requiring much training, practice and, a good knowledge base of experience. Stables that offer such training and experience are certainly very important to those involved in such a defined area of riding and learning, and also to breeders. Knowing stables that concentrate on your chosen discipline is profoundly useful. Below, are the most popular disciplines for which stables offer services. And such stables most certainly want you to know about them.

Click on a single discipline and stables, farms and ranches that concentrate on each, will display for you:

Saddleseat Performance    Saddle Seat Riding Lessons    Sdleseat EQ.    5 Gtd    Gtd    Gtd Rdng Lssns    Hntr Jmpr    Hntseat Rdng Lssns    Hntseat EQ    Dressage    Dressage Rdng Lssns    Eventing    Endurance    Drvng    Crg Drvg    Cmbnd Drvng    F. Hrnss    Roadster    Hrnss Pny    Wstrn Hrse    Wstrn Rdng Lssns    EQ Wstrn    Cutting    Reining    Rpng    Cowhrse    Pen-sort    Brl Rcng    Ple Bndng    Wstrn Prfmance   

Browse Stables by the Services they offer

Most stables, farms or ranches offer certain services to owners, riders, or breeders. Some narrow the scope of their offerings, others offer quite a few. Some services are fairly general, some are very specific and detailed. What good does it do to know about the existence of a stable, even one that caters to your preferred breed and discipline, if you don't know what services they are prepared to offer you? Below are the most popular services stables offer.

Click on a single service and the stables, farms and ranches that provide that service will be displayed:

Our directory enables you to locate many professional trainers, and teachers who offer riding instruction in many styles and levels of rider abilities. It also provides knowledge of every service the stables in the directory offer to the public.

Such a listing makes sure that stables and farms can tell the world all the things they do and how to be contacted ( with email protection).

Nothing is left out - many promotional tools and image spaces are provided in an attractive format that can be used to relate in detail.. precisely everything!

--Your ad rotates on the HSC homepage! And contains a direct link to your own farm’s website.
--Featured stables always display above Standard.
--Readers can download documents or pdfs that you may include.
--A logo or preview photo displays on all sorted search pages and at the top of your listing with a promotional tag line.
--A large main stable photo as well as gallery images.
--Greater bandwidth and space to talk about training ,instruction, successes in the show ring, and all the things you offer.
--A Special Features page to highlight what makes your stable unique.
--Provide directions and local lodging - optional
--List camps or in-house shows- optional
--List the stallion(s) you stand at stud.

We ask the owners, trainers and riding instructors to tell you about themselves and about their proven credentials. This ends up being good for everyone!