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Stable Ad Prices

Advertise on the highest ranked horse show event site on the internet! 

Every stable/farm/ranch ad  on HSC displays multiple times according to:  name, location, breed(s) and every discipline that pertains to your business!


USD for an entire year for a Featured Ad (See the huge list of what you get, below.)
$30 USD for a full year for a DISCOUNTED Featured Ad (see information below).
Only $5 per year for a Standard Ad. (See content of the ad, below.)

Enhanced Featured Ads:

A Featured Stable ad includes a list of any stallion(s) standing at stud, but  you can add a Featured Stallion , and this ad stands alone as a featured stallion ad, AND is also  inter-linked right on the featured stable ad.  Both will be mutually linked.  As each is read by the public, one ad will lead to the others, as well as each ad being displayed according to the appropriate breeds and disciplines. This increases traffic to both ads.  Price= $30 for the additional inter-linked ad.  Note:  If at any time you discontinue your first ad, your second ad will revert to the full price from that day forward.  

If you wish to add several inter-linked stallion ads, each additional inter-linked ad is only $30.
Video enhancement of a stallion ad is, as usual, an additional $11

A Featured Stable/Farm/Ranch ad includes ALL of the following:

--A direct link to your own website. A featured ad also rotates on the HSC homepage!
--Featured listings always display above free listings.
--Readers can download document or pdfs that you may include on your listing
--A logo or preview photo displays on all sorted search pages and at the top of your listing with a promotional tag line.
--A large main stable photo as well as gallery images.
--Greater bandwidth and space to talk about training ,instruction,and successes in the show ring.
--A Special Features page to highlight what makes your stable unique.
--Provide directions and local lodging - optional
--List camps or in-house shows- optional
--List the stallion(s) you stand at stud.  This list is not the enhanced ad, just the regular list.)

Note - All ads bump closer to the top when freshly edited. This keeps all information fresh and relevant for site readers.

What you get with a DISCOUNTED Featured ad:

A fully Featured ad, for the discounted price for an entire year, and you place an approved text link to HSC on yor own homepage ( usually at the bottom of your page). You must first email us so we can send you the proper wording for the link.

This link must always be able to be read by our link testing software.  If it doesn’t, and if you do not correct the issue in a timely manner, your ad will cease displaying, no refunds.  Please note: we do NOT link to Facebook and your website must be a search engine indexed, approved sort of website.
Have doubts?  Email us with your URL.

What you get with a Standard Stable/Farm/Ranch Ad:

A stable photo, name, location, services offered, phone, and a way customers can email without knowing your email address, unless you reply of course.  Your ad is presented under your breeds, location, disciplines and services in online searches.