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Show Service Ad Prices

Advertise on a horse show website with All year-long, high, horse show related traffic!

Every horse show services addisplays multiple times according to : every show service you offer( judge, show manager, show secretary, organ music, stewards, ribbons, awards, stalls -- most everything you can think Of), plus name, state/country.

Advertise all year long; let shows know who you are, were you are and what you offer.


$29.95  USD for an entire year for a Featured Show Services Ad (See the list of what you get, below.)
Only $5 USC for an entire year for a Standard Ad ( see information below).

Advertise all year long; let shows know who you are, were you are and what you offer.
A Featured Show Services Ad includes the following:

--A direct link to your own website. A featured ad also rotates on the HSC homepage!
--Featured listings always display above standard listings.
--Your logo or a photo displays on all sorted search pages and at the top of your listing with a promotional tag line.
--Your typed description of what you offer is also included on all HSC search pages.
--Greater Bandwidth for a full description of services you offer.
--Breeds and disciplines with which you have worked or have great knowledge (optional).
--Reerence area to list shows for which you have worked before, if you wish.
--Geographic areas or countris in which you will accept jobs jobs, full contact information.

Don’t have a site, then use HSC as your site!

Note - All ads bump closer to the top when freshly edited. This keeps all information fresh and relevant for site readers.

A Standard Show Services Ad includes:

Description of what services you offer, and geographic areas in which you will consider working and your phone, The ad also contains a way for customers to email without knowing your email address, until you want them to by replying to their inquiry.  Your ad is presented under name, location, and description.