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“Providing a Future Beyond the Finish Line sm”

17172 Armstead St.
Granada Hills, California
  Exceller - A champion in all respects, he deserved
Image from Our Location
Exceller - A champion in all respects, he deserved

 Organization Details
Breeds Welcomed: Thoroughbred
Current News
Another action packed month, and more horses to tell you about, and more activity. In July I visited Kentucky for about 5 days to see Rich In Dallas at the Kentucky Horse Park, to visit “the girls” at Lori Neagle’s place, to see Hana Bride at Our Mims, and also to see how Dah Waterboy is doing since he has been returned to us. In the meantime, we have some more horses, and also news to tell you about.


 We have two new horses welcomed into the Fund.

 Swangin O’Riley (Just A Swangin’ x ?)  This is a little 3 year old gelding by the same sire as Exceller’s Easter and Superhappycombo (Sampson). He was scheduled to be taken to the local livestock auction (mostly attended by meat buyers), and Keely Morgan of CANTER Southern Illinois had exhausted all other avenues for him. He has a chip in his knee, and we are not sure if he will be sound for riding or not. But after taking in Easter and Sampson, how could we say no to their little “brother”?

 I sent photos to Paul and Kelly so they could tell Sampson that his little brother will be okay. This was Paul’s response:  That is a sad horse - look at his eye. He’s learned to expect the worst.   

POST SCRIPT - Sadly O’Riley had a severe colic attack, and attempts to save his life were not successful. He had to be humanely euthanized, and we need to raise money to repay the funds spent on vet bills that totaled just over $6,000.     

Missy Won (Mercedes Won x Miss Calhoun)  

This 4 year old mare had been with a dealer in New York for a few months, and her time was up. Darlene Robinette had been keeping an eye on this mare for those few months, and we decided that the mare really needed a second chance. Sue Swart of ReRun New York picked her up for us and reports that this is one of the most laid back horses you could ever want. Sue gave us this report on the mare:   

Missy Won, 4yr. old mare. Missy is the kindest mare you will meet. Easy, uncomplicated and extremely willing to do the right thing. Not a mean bone in her body, she tackles each day with a fresh new outlook. We are still doing some evaluating and her future as a riding horse has not been determined but don’t let that stop you she is worth every penny just to have in your barn. Her heart alone is worth the a $500.00 adoption fee!      

The Fantastic Four from the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch Auction 

Some of you may have heard about this auction held to benefit the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch. The Ranch operates a program to benefit children, and horses are part of the program. Many people donate horses to the ranch, and the ranch is not able to use all of the horses in the program. So, every quarter, an auction is held of the horses and other items donated to the program.    

Unfortunately, there were Thoroughbreds in the auction that did not sell for very much, and based on the price and the reputation of the person who bought the horses, it did not look like a favorable future was in store for them. There were a number of discussion forums on this topic, and many e-mails went back and forth. Darlene Robinette was able to contact the dealer who bought the horses, and convinced him to sell 2 horses to us for a total of $500.    

At that point, our member Amie Iseman got involved, and two more horses were added to our list of rescues. Amie was able to work out transportation and a place for these horses to go. In addition, Amie helped network to find a home for another mare, Glorious Standard, that had been sold at the auction. We have:   

Dust Pocket - 22 year old Bay Thoroughbred Broodmare Champ - 9 year old Gray Thoroughbred Gelding Cooper - 15 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding Lucy - Chestnut Thoroughbred mare - 5 month’s pregnant   

I would like to start a big round of applause for Amie for all her hard work in getting these horses to a safe place, and also to Darlene who used the greatest of diplomacy and patience to talk the dealer into selling the horses to us, and to Karla Phanuef as she was also heavily involved in networking calls to make things happen, and finally to all our members, because without you, none of this would be possible!   

UPDATES Here are some updates on some of our horses:   

Sully’s Silver This report came from Sue along with an adorable photo of this very sweet and patient horse: It took about 10 minutes for this gelding to earn the right of barn favorite. Not only is he a cool gelding with a great personality, but who in their right mind can resist a pink nose like his!!! Sully’s gift is his ability to forgive. He holds no grudges, you can’t help but be proud of this gelding. His recovery has been slow and painful. He is still is battling from hoof issues. He has a knee and ankle injury and his prognosis as a riding horse is still not yet decided. For now, Sully just take it easy and relaxes each day. I have put him out with Happy, I am pretty sure he will bring him around! Sully is sponsored by the Exceller Fund. www.excellerfund.org Please feel free to make a contribution on his behalf. If not how about a bag of peppermints. It was the only thing Sully would respond to his first week in the program. Email me for more information if you like!    

Update: 8/8/05 X-Ray results of Sully’s foot shows a large gas pocket. We are trying a more aggressive approach in hopes of getting him feeling better. Sadly due to issues in his ankle and knee Sully will never be a riding horse. His medical bills are getting a little extreme. He will need a month of treatment. If you would like to help Sully you can. He needs an endless supply of vet wrap, baby diapers (medium or 10-12 lbs) and assistance with vet bills. He currently is on 2 grams of bute per day and starting isoxuphrine. When the foot stabilizes he will need shoes to protect his feet. A biotin supplement to increase hoof growth and PEPPERMINTS. He loves pepperminets. Please contact me if you need further information about supporting this wonderful guy that has so much to offer!   

Rich In Dallas Rich In Dallas is doing very well at The Kentucky Horse Park. I went to see him a in July and Dallas looks and acts happy and still loves the attention from his fans at the Horse Park. He appears in the “Parade of Breeds” show dressed as Seabiscuit. It was amazing to see what a hit he is with the crowd and many people come up to see him after the show. I was so fortunate to meet the nicest people at the Horse Park including RK Walker, Tom Hamblen, Linda Brantley (the announcer for the show), Cindy Rullman, and Jena (one of Dallas’s riders).     

Ton of Gold and Prospector’s Sally Both of the horses are confirmed “Pasture Pals” and are not ridable. Ton of Gold has chips and arthritis in his knees, and pool ol’ Prospector’s Sally has chips as well as arthritis in his hocks. Both are more comfortable out in a pasture rather than in a stall. We received an offer from the trainer who took in the stallion, Steel Robbing, that if we need a retirement pasture for our horses, he would be glad to accommodate us. Tim Armstrong and his wife, veterinarian Jennifer Armstrong run Circle A Stable in Southern Illinois. Tim came recommended to us by Gail Vacca, Dr. Lydia Gray of the Hooved Animal Humane Society, and by Keely Morgan who has been to his place to see how Steel Robbing is doing. The cost to The Exceller Fund is considerably less, and we will be able to take in more horses that will, hopefully, be able to find new homes. 

 Ton of Gold and Prospector’s Sally arrived at their new home on August 3rd, have been busy working on the two huge round bales of hay in their pasture.      

Dah Waterboy Dah Waterboy has come back to us, and is currently at a foster care farm for ReRun in Kentucky. I went to see him in Kentucky, and he looks good. I’ll be sending another e-mail with links to photos of our horses so that this e-mail does go on too long!   

Almata Almata is still her sweet self and enjoying life at Lori Neagle’s farm in Kentucky. For our newer members, Almata is a 23 year old daughter of Exceller, and she was donated to us in late 2003, sparing her the ordeal of going through the auction ring at her age. I’ll send a separate e-mail with links to photos.   

Franchised Franchised is still doing great although she did lose her front teeth in a mishap. Lori does not know if she hit her teeth on the fence (she gets very moody when she’s in heat) or what else may have caused it, but the vet said she is fine, and she still eats great. Just don’t ask her to smile for the camera!   Franconia The “Queen” as Lori calls her is still ruling her subjects in the paddock at Lori’s farm. She is the boss and she knows it, and so does everyone else.    

Sampson Besides the latest “Sampson Chat”, Paul tells us that he is becoming one of the most popular horses that Paul and Kelly have had at their farm. Potential adopters have been flying in to see him!     

PRESS RELEASES We issued a Press Release in July on Hana Bride and her amazing journey from feedlot to retirement home. Unfortunately, I don’t think any racing or horse media picked up the story which is a shame. If you have not had the opportunity to read the press release, here is the link for it: http://www.excellerfund.org/press/2005_0710HanaBride.htm   

We also just released a Press Release on the Fingerlakes Racetrack Listings. We have two volunteers, Gail and Nel, who work tirelessly to obtain the listing information from the trainers and also take photos. Darlene puts up the listings on the message board, and you can link to the listings from our front page just under “What’s New.” Here is the Press Release we just issued: http://www.excellerfund.org/press/2005_0810FingerLakes.htm 

Description of Services/Statement of Purpose and Goals    View Here

The Exceller Fund consists of people who are racing fans and horse loves who want to make a difference in the lives of Thoroughbreds whose racing and/or breeding careers are over. While the cost to support one horse may be too much for a single person, by combining our resources, we are able to help many horses. The Exceller Fund is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is 100% managed and run by volunteers.  

The Exceller Fund is unique in that we do not own a facility of our own. We work together with other organizations such as ReRun, CANTER, EPONA, United Pegasus, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and others that can provide the day to day care and handling these horses need. We pay for the monthly expenses of horses that we have acquired either by direct purchase or donation until that horse is adopted. Some of our horses may not find an adoptive home, and we have committed to provide for these horses for the rest of their lives.  

The Exceller Fund also assists other organizations with their rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and retirement efforts.

Donation Information    View Here

  Contact Details
Horse Rescue Organization Name:  The Exceller Fund
Main Contact Person:  Office
Main Phone:  818-429-3418
Click here to email this rescue org.

17172 Armstead St.
Granada Hills, California, 91344, USA

Horse Rescue Website:  http://www.excellerfund.org/
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Rich In Dallas - Ambassador for The Exceller Fund
Rich In Dallas - Ambassador for The Exceller Fund
Rich In Dallas - Ambassador for The Exceller Fund
Patriot - rescued from the “kill” pen, he’s loo
Sully’s Silver - despite all he has been through,
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