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Welsh Pony - Ponies & Breeds

Welsh Pony face, neck and shoulder, exhibiting famous and typical conformation. Welsh Pony Article and Photos Copyrighted - see credits below

The modern Welsh Pony, improved in quality scope and action. is unequalled as riding pony anywhere in the world. Most also retain their original characteristic toughness and their pony qualities.


The Welsh Pony earliest examples were often the result of crosses between Welsh Mountain Pony mares and the small Welsh Cob stallion, upgraded by use of Arabians and small Thoroughbreds. They lived on the mountain and carried men both shepherding and hunting.

The Welsh Mountain Pony, the foundation of all Welsh ponies, is Section A in the stud book. The improved Welsh Pony is Section B and is described in the stud book as a riding pony with quality, riding action, adequate bone and substance, hardiness and pony character. The Welsh Pony has moved a bit closer to the Thoroughbred-type riding pony, but there is no denying their value as a competition pony.

The foundation pony was Tan-y-Bwlch Berwyn, whose son Tan-y-Bwlch Berwynfa was the foundation of the famous Coed Coch Welsh Pony herd. Berwyn and the Welsh Pony in general, relied on the eastern blood that complements the Welsh stock so well.

Berwyn was foaled in 1924 and was by a Barb or Arabian stallion who in turn was out of a mare who was the granddaughter of the famous Welsh Mountain Pony sire, Dyoll Starlight.

Twenty years later, a stallion almost as notable, was Criban Victor. He too displayed the essential connections with the Mountain Pony through his sire, although his dam was by a famous Welsh Cob stallion. Additional evidence of the strong and permeating eastern influence is provided by the lines that derive from the Arabian world champion Skowronek and Raseem.


The height does not exceed 13.2 hands. The head resembles in every respect that of the Welsh Mountain Pony. The small, pointed ears are of particular importance. The whole head is clean cut with no hint of coarseness. Although this large Welsh Pony differs in proportions to the Mountain Pony, it retains the spirited pony character that is characteristic of the Welsh breeds.

The Welsh Pony displays a greater slope of the shoulder than the Mountain Pony and the withers are more pronounced. The action, contributing to increased scope, is long and low in front with not much bend in the knees. Behind, the strong hocks provide powerful leverage. The action is notably straight.

The Welsh Pony is also noted for the excellence of the barrel and the splendid depth through the girth that is characteristic of the Welsh breeds. The powerful loin is another great feature as are the hard hooves. While there is great length in the Welsh Pony’s proportions, the cannons are never long and there is always sufficient bone in the foreleg. The tail is set high and carried gaily. The quarters are strong with wonderful of joints in the hind leg.

Basically the Welsh Pony is a larger, finer version of the Welsh Mountain Pony, described as being of riding type. It has more scope than the Mountain Pony and a longer, lower action, but otherwise retains the same characteristics

Welsh Ponies are seen in all kinds of show rings, including jumping and driving classes. They are strong and athletic with a reputation for soundness.

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