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Quarter Pony showing typical characteristics, with rider. Quarter Pony Article and Photos Copyrighted - see credits below

The Quarter Pony and the foundation of the breed registries, may have been originated by the occasional Quarter Horse that did not reach the minimum height of 14 hands at maturity. Of course many such were registered with the AQHA anyway and simply not reported as being too small.

The Quarter Pony seems to bridge the gap between small ponies like the Shetland and horses of regular stock size, really well, although a 14 hand Quarter Horse would surely do the trick, too, for most youth and small adults.


The Quarter Pony has had several registries over the years, and they seem to invariably not insist on AQHA registration of the parents of a candidate, but rather go by type and measurements.

One existing registry appears to view itself as the organization for the original stock type Quarter Horse, as opposed to the modern taller and leaner one. The Quarter Pony in their philosophy represents more the old bulldog type Quarter Horse.

Another registry recognizes outcross breeds, namely, Quarter Horse, American Paint, Appaloosa, and POA (Pony of the Americas). This makes it obvious that they do not discriminate against any white markings, and a horse with one parent registered in any of these outcross registries is automatically eligible for registration.


The Quarter Pony ideally exhibits the same characteristics that made the Quarter Horse such a popular and versatile breed. Emphasis is placed on good minds, a well-balanced conformation, and agile speed.

Quarter Ponies are required to measure between a maximum of 58 inches and a minimum of 46 inches and they must exhibit stock type characteristics.

AQHA registration is not a requirement, but it does guarantee eligibility for registration as a Quarter Pony if meeting the height requirements and the registration is not marked as having an undesirable trait that is uncharacteristic of the Quarter Horse breed. The height requirements overlap that of AQHA, so many Quarter Horses could actually be double-registered.

While they are great mounts for children or beginners, they are definitely also well-suited for adults and experienced riders.

Article © HorseShowCentral.com. Submitted by Hardy Oelke and Photo © Avalon Photography. Reproduction of any portion of this copyrighted website without written permission of the publisher is prohibited and subject to legal action

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