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Horse Photography, Videography services all owners, breeders, trainers, and exhibitors needs from time to time, for advertising or as keepsakes.of the special ones.

. If your business offers photograpy or videography or both, s this is the place to tell others what you offer!

Equine Photography, Videography is an area searchable by business name, type of service and location.

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Standard Listings for Equine Photography

Into The Lens
Providing a unique and proven service .
Mpire Photography & Graphics
WE are making quality graphics.
North Carolina
Ambrose Photo-Graphics LLC
Fifteen years experience.
New Jersey
Beyond Photos
Candid or posed photos and portraits.
Erika Brown Photography
Based in West Lafayette, Indiana.
A lot of us have tried to photograph a favorite equine, and while we don’t pretend to be professional there are some basics to be sure of before snapping a pic. Obviously we want to groom, and comb, and maybe clean the subject. Apply some fly spray too! It is really useful to look through the camera and choose a background that doesn’t end up distracting from the photograph. Lighting is important also, no glare but a light source from somewhere is preferable. This can be checked without camera and then looking through the camera too. Next would be pose, no two or three-legged horses please ( look through that camera critically), ears up is a matter of timing and it might take a few shots for your timing to be good. It’s also helpful if someone can flutter something that interests the horse, or throw something in the air. Of course if you do that for too long, it becomes boring and those ears will not
point forward!

Motion and timing is an issue in equine photography, because they like to move even when you thing they might stand still. Check for a leg that is resting, lol. But really, it’s just a good idea to set that shutter speed, above 1/250 sec. .. maybe above 1/640 and for portrait shots. As far as photography lensing, you’ll need a long lens to reduce distortion. Horses are large animals, you want to fill the photo with the horse and not have to be too far away for detail, so use 200mm or 300mm, with an optical lens 70-200mm f/2.8 For a close up, portrait face, or maybe with rider, try a narrow aperture which provides depth of field for you, so if the rider is mounted you get good detail and no

Do not be afraid to fill the frame with the horse, even with action photos, you want details and you want expression.

Videography is used so often these days in the world of horses, but not all realize how important a good video can be when it comes time to sell your horse. Other than checking the horse in person, what is the next best? Right, a good video. An owner or trainer can say just about anything, and it’s only their opinion, but videography has changed selling. Here are some tips for creating a video with sales in mind.

Such a video can be fairly brief, and you want to consider lighting. Amazingly an overcast day for shooting outdoors works very well. If shooting in an arena be sure to water it down so dust does not cover up the horse’s motion or lessen visuals in an y say. It is vital of course to show the level of performance that the animal has accomplished. Be sure to use a good rider or driver so the animal’s full potential is clearly seen. It is also possible in to include photographic still, or stills within the video, so conformation can be seen, and usually the attitude of the animal standing and in motion. It is a good idea to use a zoom, while being sure not to cut off any parts of the animal or rider, because up close has more impact on the viewer.

Music is tough. It should be something appropriate and not take over the image(s) and should never seem to appear faster or slower than the horse. Music should never out shout the subject, the reason for the videography !

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