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Horse-Drawn Vehicles come in varied shapes and sizes according to purpose, then within that range by style. Different disciplines and show classes also determine specific requirements.

If your business sells or manufactures and sells horse-drawn vehicles this is the place to tell others what you offer.

The Horse-drawn vehicles area is searchable by business name, type of service and location.

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Featured Listings for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Twisted Luck Carriages
Twisted Luck Carriages
North Carolina

Standard Listings for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Connecticut’s Premiere Carriage Service
Carriage Rides for Every Season or event.
Horse and Carriage Rentals of NJ
Serving most of New Jersey and parts of Staten Island.
New Jersey
Pony And Carriage Ltd
Carriages, parts, accessories, harness.
Gala Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
Make your special day unforgetable
Pinewood Stables Carriage Service
Your place or ours !!
Dream Horse Cinderella Carriage of New Jersey
Special Carriage Rides New Jersey
New Jersey
Pioneer Coach
Hand-crafted Coaches.
Terry Bennett’s Tack, Inc
English riding and driving equipment.
Vehicles of some sort to be dragged, drawn or pulled by one or more horses have a history pre-dating whatever time equines were first ridden. At first the purpose was to move or carry ‘things’, in war and in peace, but eventually there were two general kinds of vehicles, other than those used for faming - those to carry people and those to carry all sorts and manner of things, and supplies, including the mail. Transport is the key word, be it transporting people, products, supplies, or even to transport other horses. Of course they were long used in farming too. Vehicles were designed according to purpose, from very simple to light and stylish. Horses were and are even raced pulling vehicles, as in harness racing. Certain styles of horse-drawn vehicles became known by names, and some are still in use today. Of course along the way, there were famous custom builders and manufactures of this or that style of vehicle.

All over the world today, people still take carriage rides, and in some places and with some peoples, like the Amish, vehicles drawn by one or more animals are used every day. They are used on some large ranches today too, for transporting hay or feed, and also the good old chuck wagon to feed the working cowboys. Vehicles are still used for many recreational purposes: for pleasure; for competition (racing and competitive driving), and in the show rings of the world, drawn by a single animal or a hitch composed of many. We also still have those who are well-known or famous makers, and those who still do custom work. History is preserved by examples of horse-drawn vehicles in museums, many vehicles are restored, and there is also current day hand-construction, and general manufacturing of vehicles.

IF you offer carriage rides, or any such horse-drawn vehicle service, this is the place to tell people. New, used, or custom made-to-order sellers are also an integral part of this site. So if you offer services or ]product you can choose between either Standard or Featured promotion. Standard for a low $5 a year, provides description of company, name , location and contact. Featured for only $9 per years, is the same as any featured business promotion, with generous space for many product descriptions, and images with some areas prepared for customers to download. HSC is a very great place to let the public know who you are and what you offer!