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Anglo-Arab: Horse Breed & Info

Characteristics of the Anglo-Arab Anglo-Arab Article and Photos Copyrighted - see credits below

Both Britain and France claim the origination of the Anglo-Arab horse. What is known to be true for certain is that great attention has been paid to the production of a specialist all around horse for more than 150 years in both countries.

Ideally of course, the Anglo should combine the best of Arabian and Thoroughbred. It should retain the Arabian’s qualities of soundness, endurance and stamina while incorporating the scope and some of the speed of the Thoroughbred, but without its excitable temperament


In Britain, an Anglo-Arab is a cross between a Thoroughbred and an Arabian and these are the only two stains in the pedigree. In Britain the popular practice is to use and Arabian stallion on a Thoroughbred mare, when the progeny are likely to exceed either of the parent in size. Crossing the Thoroughbred stallion with an Arabian mare is consider to produce smaller offspring of less value than the purebred.


In France, a number of permutations are possible, though to be entered in the stud book there must be a minimum of 25 percent Arabian blood, and ancestors must be Arabian, Thoroughbred or Anglo-Arab (the Anglo-Arab’s place in earlier days was largely filled by native mares carrying eastern blood)

In France, the principal breeding centers are the studs of Pau, Pompadour, Tarbes and Gelow. The systematic breeding of the Anglo- Arab in France began in 1836 by the director at Pompadour and was based on two Arabian stallions, Massoud and Aslan (Turk), and three Thoroughbred mares, Dair, Common Mare and Selim Mare.

The Anglo-Arab from Pompadour is a larger, more muscular specimen, noted particularly as being an excellent jumper. The overall object is to produce though horses of the best riding type that will race, jump, go cross country and compete at dressage.


The head of the Anglo-Arab is more Thoroughbred than Arabian. The profile is straight, ear mobile an eyes expressive. Although there is no real breed standard, the Anglo also tends toward the Thoroughbred rather than the Arabian in overall appearance. French Anglos from the southwest are lighter in type and have specific races reserved for them.

The mane is fine and silky, as are the tail and coat. Height is between 16 and 16.3 hands. The speed of the Anglo-Arab is not as great as that of the Thoroughbred, but the best are enormously agile and athletic and are distinguished by the correctness of their action.

Anglo withers are more prominent than those of the Arabian and the well set neck is longer. The back is usually short, the chest is deep and the shoulder very oblique and powerful. The quarters have a tendency toward being long and horizontal. The frame is well up to weight and is more solid than the Thoroughbred.

The limbs of the Anglo-Arab are sound and uniformly good. Any lightness of bone is compensated for by its density and good quality.

In the modern world the Anglo-Arab has distinguished itself as the all round horse it is bred to be, both in competition as a sport horse, racing and all round use and is a favorite in Europe.

Anglo-Arab Anglo Arab
All photos on this page are of the Anglo Arab Stallion “All That Jazz”, shown hunting and eventing, all with great good success and winning scores. All Photos copyright and courtesy of Biddesden Stud Farm, United Kingdom.

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