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Horse Tack & World Wide Use

Bridles handing on the stable wall. Horse tack is essential. if you own a horse, work with horses, or even just ride on occasion. Since it is inevitable that you will find yourself shopping for these things, we include listings of retailers, wholesalers and manufactures world wide, with links to individual sites.


To search for Horse Tack visit the horse-related businesses area of the site and use the online search facility to locate companies that provide your tack requirements. Or for general information, visit the specific Horse Tack - General Supplies area of the site. All breeds and disciplines are included: from the world of performance and show horses; to working horse and draft; racing, breeding, exhibition and pleasure.

Often the companies that list on HSC will also provide tack reviews and horse related articles of interest.


You are invited to CREATE YOUR OWN HORSE TACK BUSINESS LISTING, yourself, and you will be provided with a private administration page from which to add, delete and edit or update your listings, with direct links to your own websites, where you can offer our site users even more extensive product information.

HSC enjoys high traffic globally, and those searching for tack items needed can find your by company name, country or state within the United States, and by actual product category. Each listing is displayed multiple times depending on the various products you offer, and for each horse discipline for which you supply products, all within the broad category of tack, equipment and supplies.


The list of items (horse tack) needed to equip a horse in its use by man and partnership with man is extensive: harness and harness parts, reins, lunge lines, halters, lead shanks, saddles and saddle parts, stirrups, martingales and breastplates, saddle pads, bridles and bridle parts, bits, spur, whips, crops, various training aides, tack cleaning supplies and more. Companies that supply tack, often also supply riding apparel, blankets and grooming tools as well as carts and other vehicles.

Specific horse disciplines in which the horse is used, like the show ring, or competitive sports, polo, racing, cutting and other western sports, as well as driving for example, require variations of horse tack that better enable the horse to perform in each specialized discipline. A dressage saddle is not the saddle used in rodeo events, and there are reasons why each type of saddle is needed in that particular discipline! The four reins of a bridle for a gaited horse is not what is needed for a reining horse! A western saddle is not going to enhance the performance of an eventing horse or a show jumper. From bridles to hackamores to bitless bridles, many variations of tack are required and used for specific tasks, as is needed for what the horse is being asked to do and to aid the horse in accomplishing this. Even styles of halters preferred in this or that style of riding or training can vary greatly.

Other HSC site areas of interest to horsemen are Horse Industry Stables/Farms/Ranches, Stallions at Stud, Horse Associations - Clubs - each area offers an online search facility.

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The broad topic of horse tack consists of as many variations of stock items as there are uses for horses, see list below.