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English Tack: Locating or Selling

English Show Bridles on decorative hangers in the tack room. English tack was designed for sport, for the ultimate performance of the horse and the safety of the rider while allowing the horse peak performance. Such tack comes in variations according to the discipline of riding to aid the horse in running faster, or jumping higher, the lifting of the show horse’s legs higher and more freely, facilitation of the classical dressage horse’s movement on and above ground, the subtle beauty of modern dressage, the agility of polo, and the endurance ride.


Various styles of English saddles, saddle parts, bridles, bridle parts, bits, bitless bridles, reins, harness, and all types of leather products. Included in tack shops are also the current trend in blankets, or rugs, and halters and training aids. Stores also offer grooming tools, heath aids, riding accessories, whips, spurs, lunge lines and all the many other items needed in everyday riding and care of horses. Many also offer attire. Yet the word tack, in the world of horses, is traditionally defined as leather goods or equipment needed to Tack up the horse. English tack is the tack needed in all the English riding disciplines.

Saddles would include the racing, jumping, hunting, polo, dressage, side saddles, Australian, and all purpose hybrids, with flaps of varied widths, lengths and positions and seats of varied depths, each designed to aid the mobility of the horse within a particular English discipline. Any martingales or breastplates are also included in the term tack. Harness also varies, from the needs and styles of harness racing to competitive driving to show ring driving classes, which may vary slightly per breed. Most English style tack includes some form of a snaffle bit. As with saddles, the snaffle bit comes in many styles, metals, designs and sizes, from the most gentle to less gentle.


Visit the Shopping area of the site, where our online search facility allows you to search by type of product, company name, country and state. Manufacturers and retailers world-wide list their tack supplies and provide links to their own sites; many include photos and prices, reviews and access to catalogs. Prices vary and some offer discounts. From the largest and top names to new manufacturers, a large selection is made available, all at your finger-tips. Ability to email, phone and addresses are made available so that you may contact professionals and receive the assistance you require.


If you wish others to know of English Tack you are selling, you are invited to create your English Horse Tack listing, yourself. You will be provided with a private administration page from which to add, delete and edit or update your listings, where you can offer our site users even more extensive product information.

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