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Horse Products: Goods and Services

Head studies, large horse & small pony. Horse Products articles, including healthcare, are listed below. Click on each!

If we look at the impact of horse products as businesses with their direct goods and services, it certainly is ahead of industries that you would think are major impacts in our societies globally. It’s higher than motion picture making and only slightly behind such things as radio and television broadcasting! The value of direct goods and services produced is vast, as is the number of full-time equivalent jobs, and those include veterinarians, feed and tack stores, etc.

Beginning with mankind learning to drive and ride, then with the explosion of the systematic development of breeds, equine products have expanded at an ever increasing rate to provide and improve all things connected with care and health, the enhancement of performance, and of utility in our modern world.

The sporting competition aspect alone has an incredible economic impact with many hundreds of thousands of employees and products. Then of course those used for recreation and ridden for pleasure need a large number of products also.

Fortunately, today, American society is different than it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Due to the owners’ dedicated commitment and the ongoing evolution of products, our animals today enjoy a higher standard of living, and a longer and more useful life.

Horse Health Products ServicesHorse Health Products Services
HSC wishes to expand knowledge of the range of equine health products & services. SUBMIT ARTICLES SPECIFICALLY ABOUT HORSE HEATH PRODUCES OR SERVICES - We will publish your article here if it is approved.
Reiki for HorsesReiki for Horses
Reiki is a very gentle and totally natural non-manipulative healing therapy, which has and can be used successfully on horses. Read the words of Rob Fellows, International Reiki Master Teacher!
Equine InsuranceEquine Insurance
It is just as important that the owner understands the obligations of their equine insurance products as it is to understand the company’s obligation to the insured.
Horse BarnsHorse Barns
Horse barns have less openings, less windows and doors than other buildings, but the use of interior space is quite unique when compared to other structural products.
Horse StallsHorse Stalls
Horse Stalls, sizes, construction, materials, stall sytems and assessories - from a simple to elegant.
Horse TransportHorse Transport
Horse Transport, history, safety, health, equipment, and outline of services most often offered.
Horse TrailersHorse Trailers
Horse Trailers, styles for differnt uses, safety - how to load and trainning to load.
Horse TackHorse Tack
Horse Tack products vary with different riding disciplines that enable top performance within that discipline.
English TackEnglish Tack
English Tack products include various styles of English saddles and their parts, English bridles and their parts, bits, bitless bridles, reins, harness, and all types of leather products. An English tack shop offers blankets, grooming and training aids too.
Western TackWestern Tack
Western tack products always include Western saddles and parts, saddle pads and blankets, bridles and parts, bits, hackamores, martingales, halters, and a host of other items needed in Western disciplines.
Saddles, emcompass a wide range of styles and individuality of type yet most saddles come under two broad categories: English and Western.
Western SaddlesWestern Saddles
Western Saddles history and variations in purpose and style. Other than the ranch or working saddle, there are saddles specifically for roping, cutting, reining, team penning, barrel racers, and pleasure riding or horsemanship classes.
English SaddlesEnglish Saddles
English Saddles, early history, construction and varied styles, such as polo, saddle seat, eventing, jumping, hunting, dressage, racing and more.
Dressage SaddlesDressage Saddles
Dressage Saddles, evolution in history, purpose and modern day design to center the rider and enable the accomplished rider the subtle use of weight and leg aids.
Jumping SaddlesJumping Saddles
Jumping Saddles as products, are designed for fast show jumping or cross country. The rider’s thighs grip the saddle and provide a secure position which is not easily dislodged.
Saddle Seat SaddlesSaddle Seat Saddles
Saddle Seat Saddles, allow a more free action for high animation of forelegs, and places the rider’s weight a little more away from the shoulders and withers.
Riding Apparel StylesRiding Apparel Styles
Riding Apparel products vary in style to accomodate the different needs presented by varied disciplines, and also serve a dual purpose of presenting a neat appearance.
English Riding ApparelEnglish Riding Apparel
English Riding Apparel products are perhaps a bit more conservative than Western, and for sure are more formal. Of cousre all is geared to the demans of a specific performance, from dressage to jumping, to saddle seat showing, etc.
Horse Race BettingHorse Race Betting
Horse Race Betting is also a product! Read the history, evolution and modern day function of para-mutual.