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About Us & How it all Started

Thank you for making HorseShowCentral not only a top ranked show site but also one of the most popular websites on the internet.

This site was created by me, Patricia Crane, for the purpose of assisting everyone in the horse industry, and with the goal of providing all of us  ‘horse folks’, with an incredible tool to help each of us promote ourselves on the internet.  The success of HSC IS everyone’s success in a very real way.

Those of you who know me, are pretty familiar with my decades of art work and the life size portrait bronzes at the Kentucky Horse Park or the resin sculpture, or the trophies I provided for shows across the country ( visit artbycrane.com to see horse art, jewelry and gifts). A few of you have known me a long time and remember the little “kid who had to ride” and the years of learning and then my public stable, training and showing.  Basically it has been a life spent with horses, like so many of us manage to live in one way or another.

It was while I was creating my own art website and learning to market that to the public, that I began to catch on to something important regarding the internet and my customer base.   I learned these lessons, and now offer this knowledge to you with these words and also with the use of the Horse Show Central website

1) You can’t have too many people learning and reading about what you do and what you offer.
2) Don’t limit yourself to advertising only to your own breed, or your own tried and true groups, whatever those groups are.
Keep your breed and your groups “in the know” about what you do, but reach out to all horse people, because nobody can KNOW who is going to move over to embrace other breeds and nobody can know who the next new horse person is, and they just might be interested in what you have to offer!!  BE EASY TO FIND.  Use the internet in a way that allows the greatest exposure. When I stopped advertising to the same group all the time and began using my website to attract all people interested in horses, life got a lot better.

The theory here is that you ‘get known’ by more people, plus you are easier to “find” by more people.

IF you are involved with Saddlebred horses, for example, it is good to advertise in Saddlebred magazines or websites.  However, it is very smart to extend to sites dealing with shows, or horses in general, or stable directories or stallion directories, etc. etc.   HSC offers all of this in one online spot.  I mean, if you have a Saddlebred business, you might also value Friesian folks or Hackney folks, or folks searching for academy assistance and horses.  Oh, there are just so many extensions here. 

If you are involved with Quarter Horses, you might want to be visible to cutting, ranch, sorting, barrel racing etc folks !!     

It has been my lifetime experience and my long time website experience that often those who own one breed, own another breed, or one discipline spills over to interest in other disciplines.  When you are a part of this website, you are in front of your particular breed or group customer base all year long, AND you are also constantly there “to be found” by all horse people.

Most websites rank in the search engines for maybe the name of their own website, or maybe they even rank for their own single breed.  HSC ranks on hundreds of horse industry words and breeds !!!!

The value of a one-stop portal website that ranks on hundreds of keyphrases, not just one breed, is that such a site generates traffic, traffic and more traffic, so it’s a good place to be visible.

Some areas of HSC offer FREE ads, but every horse person can run $5 a year Standard ads on this site, or they can opt for a featured listing for a very low annual fee.  Check out the advertising page, the “how to place an ad” page,  and the page about featured listing information..

Each listing category has been designed with the needs of each in mind. Each is unique and styled to make your job of disseminating information to your customers easier.  Update your own information, special features and news 24/7 with ease. No webmaster or great skills are needed to create very helpfully informative and attractive listings, often with your own logo too.

For our readers we have provided many on-site search facilities to enable you to specify exactly what it is you wish to learn -  breed, states, months, services, horse rescue, etc. You will know where/how and who to call or email.

Most of all, USE the site as the tool it was designed to be, and ENJOY.

Most Cordially, and with best wishes for your personal success.