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Top Friesian Stallions HSC Overview

Top Friesian Stallions

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HSC’s top Friesian stallions standing at stud. Check pedigree, registries, conformation and performance capability and standards, as well as the records of progeny

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In American today, many fine Friesians have been and are still being imported. The disposition of Friesian stallions is gentle and tractable like most carriage horses, and indeed they were used as carriage horses throughout Europe (being one of Europe’s oldest breeds). Tall, high-stepping, all black in color, with a lush mane and tail and feathers, Friesians appear magical fronting a carriage.

The popularity and numbers of the breed are still rapidly growing and many outstanding individuals are being bred in this country now. They are becoming increasingly popular as riding horses and can be found in numerous all breed show rings, as well as special Friesian competitions, across the USA. Almost all shows for the American Saddlebred, also offer varied classes for the Friesians, both riding and carriage.

There is also a growing interest and industry involving the Friesian-Bred (half purebred) so the services of the true to type stallions are much valued.

Most Breeders strive to produce Friesians with a small head, characteristic arched neck and defined
joints, and other valued breed characteristics, basically producing an animal ideal for both riding and carriage.

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