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Tips for Promoting Horse Shows Online


HSC is the highest ranking horse show site on the internet.  Use HSC to build a greater audience and to reach out to both current and new customers !   Here are some helpful tips to creating show ads that work best according to our years of gathering exhibitor statistics. 

Check-Marking Breeds & Disciplines
This is a vital key to the success of your ad.  An exhibitor visiting HSC can search for shows by name, state
and breed, but they can also search for a "type" of class they want to show their horse in  and find all the shows that offer such a class.  So when you fill out the information for your ad, be sure to click on the buttons for breeds and disciplines so you can also checkmark the classes your show offers .  Featured ads contain a section specifically to list and highlight classes that you know appeal to exhibitors.

Who the Public should contact
Have you ever thought you might be interested in a product only to be frustrated trying to find a real person to talk to who could tell you about that product?   You want more people to be interested in your show ?  Then be sure to provide  the name, phone and email of a person the public can contact.   All email addresses on HSC are protected; people will be emailing you through a form, but it's the internet, and trust us, you do want people to email for show information.  They could be reading your ad at midnight.  Give them a way to act on their interest, let them email you right that second.

Your Show ad is read all year long !!!!!
Our site statistics over years, prove that folks read your show ads all year long, not just a month or two before your show start date.  Are you wasting this opportunity to sell your show ?    Update your new show dates early, keep all information on the ad current and your ad will pay for itself quickly. ( It only takes seconds to update and the changes are displayed to the public immediately).

Shows love for magazines to "cover the show" and to write about the show.  Did you know a Featured show ad gives you the same opportunity for promotion, except your articles are read all year long, and not just for one month ? You can write about your own show, before during or after the show.  Never fear, your news and articles will be read far longer than in any other advertising.  On HSC you are given the space to do so.   This is one of the greatest and furthest reaching advertising and promotional venues in the world of today.

Sending customers to your Show Website
It is good to have a show website.  Personal websites can contain much information that is not suitable in a promotional ad.   However, you ad is a prime way to capture a customer's attention.  Use that opportunity to the fullest - get the most punch you can out of your ad, while the customer is right there starting at it !!!!

If you were in a store looking at a product and willing to be interested in the product, right then is the time
for the seller to tell you about the product.  If the buyer has to be sent to another location to learn about
the product instead of being told right then and now,  those sales will be much, much less.  What do exhibitors most want to know ?    Current show dates?   Well, change the dates on your ad as soon as you know the dates for the upcoming year.  You don't know who is reading your ad in January.     Judges?   Tell the  exhibitors then.  Take the time to type in the info so readers will know immediately.  Show Schedule?  If you have a featured ad, you can upload your prize list, and/or your class schedule and readers can download and print it out on the spot. WHY make them wait or hope they go to another web location?  Capture their interest while they are reading your ad.  Featured ad can also deliver entry blanks to exhibitors !

If someone is reading your ad today, give them information that makes them want to attend your show !  Don't wait and assume they will be just as interested tomorrow.

If you don't' have a show website, an HSC featured ad delivers enough info and material to customers that
It can substitute as a website, AND it is easy to update and edit, which takes minutes only. No delay, no waiting.

If you do have a show website, consider that your ad might deliver information to exhibitors more quickly and more efficiently and that you have a built in audience in front of you.   The traffic on HSC is incredible. Why ? Because people can find information quickly and easily, all in one spot, on one portal site. 

Save Money and Time for your Show site
Many show managers have found that by having one HSC account, which means one Main Menu admin page of their own to work from, they can promote quickly from one spot.  They make sure each show's ad contains good information for the public, which then needs minimal updating in the future.  Then at the bottom of all of their own show-related emails, they include a link to direct exhibitors to the HSC ad, where exhibitors in one spot can read real time news, real time show results, print out schedules, entry blanks, etc.  This saves time and money for the show and the show manager, while also insuring the show is well promoted.

Yes exhibitors will also visit the show website, but the ads are about getting information out there quickly and offering quick service.  Like any other product in today's world, buyers value quick service and immediate Information.  Let the promotional ads, and the show's own website work together to make 1+1 equal more than 2.

Building a presence and a fan club on line
By providing constant information (that is read all year long) that is current - By providing the most information you can on one busy hub of a portal horse show event site, you build a larger audience and trademark for your show.

THIS is promotion !   This is marketing !   The more consideration you give your buyers, by telling them not
only the basics, but also about nearby lodging  or the year's plans for show parties or other events, the more time they have to plan ahead and the more you stir interest.    Once your featured ad is entered, and the info is in place, it takes very little time thereafter to add news stories and this maintains your readership and builds community and interest in your show.

Enter all the free show/event ads you wish.  Use these ads to their best advantage.

Make good use of all of the perks made available to you with the Featured show bill.

We at HSC hope your show season is terrific and that horse shows, and all they mean to us, continue to be a mainstay of our global culture.

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