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Tips for Promoting a Horse for Sale Online.

To assist you in selling, and also in getting the most benefit from your listing on HSC, here are some tried and true tips to create a successful online ad. 
No Photo = Poor Chance of Sale
The more images the better. Buyers online really do expect pictures, the more images you have, the more often people will click to read further details. Photos are so important that we offer a good size photo spot even for a Free listing and if you don’t use the opportunity, your ad will be read far less than others. Our featured listings provide space for a gallery of  9 photos plus you can embed a youtube video and even an additional video.  In fact, a Featured listing also provides a logo or preview photo ( a thumbnail for all sorted search pages.  Why?  We want you to succeed.  The more images, the more readers; it’s that simple.

Updating Your Listing Often Is Vital
Alphabetical sorting of listings has proven unfair for any ad that begins with letters lower in the alphabet;
therefore, HorseShowCentral sorts all search pages so that the most recently edited  listings display at the top of their category.  When you login and re-open your listings and vary a description or add a detail, the new edit date insures that your listing moves closer to the top. This has proven to be the most fair to everyone and also tells site visitors which listings offer the most current and relevant information.

Grab Attention with a Good Title
Ok, you have a good photo picked out but you know words are important too. All of us read good and bad advertising all around us every day, the good ads work to entice us to buy things.   You’ve got to put some thought into the title of your listing to help readers want to click and read more.  Short and catchy is good !   “Bay Arabian Stallion”, or “Paint Horse for Sale” just isn’t catchy and doesn’t make your listings stand out. 

Sure not everyone can say “ Four Times Champion Out of Four Shows”, but we can all think of something that might catch a horse person’s eye, plus write a good description of our horse..

Before beginning to enter and type your info, online,  it is often good to make a list on paper of a few things about the individual horse that are both important and attractive, like a few short one or two word things, such as flashy paint, or maybe mention a very well known sire, or things like a dressage level.

Seems like I’ve gotten myself into a bind here with, ha, with combining things on my sample list -- Flashy Paint Dressage Yearling by Seattle Slew.   Yeah, right, but you get the idea !   The public is going to check this out much quicker than a title that reads like Paint Gelding.  Short, descriptive, but catchy words work better.

If you enter a Featured ad, your “catchy” description is highlighted at the top of your listing, plus it is repeated on the homepage rotation promotion, so it’s good to put some thought into this.  Again, we want you to succeed.

Be Certain to Checkmark the Performance & Rider Suitability Lists
Your listing is displayed multiple times on the search pages of Horse Show Central.  Each listing will display on the site area for your state, and also for the breed or type of horse you are selling, but there is more! 

When you are entering information, be sure to click on the buttons named Performance Suitability and Rider Suitability and checkmark the things on these lists that apply to your horse for sale, because these very things are in the drop down list of our main site search tool and if something is check marked the ad is displayed on that page.  For example if you checkmark Cowhorse, perhaps you might also truthfully be able to checkmark Reining, or if you checkmark Pleasure, perhaps you can also truthfully checkmark English or Western Pleasure, or Country Pleasure.   Each of these is but one more way buyers can search for horses for sale on our site. ...and they do.  We have included the “most used” terms buyers use when searching for a horse they wish to buy.

Establish a little Buyer Confidence
Just like you when you are shopping to buy, every buyer wants to know that the seller is trustworthy.  IF you have a professional looking farm or stable website, be sure to include this information in your listing.  It is also good to be able to refer readers of your sale horse ad to your farm/stable/ranch ad right on Horse Show Central.  This costs nothing as HSC offers free as well as featured and discounted features Stable listings.  If you happen to be running both a Featured Horse For Sale Listing AND a Featured Stable/Farm/Ranch Listing, we have provided a way for both listings to link right on the details page of EACH listing.  This increases traffic to both listings of course, since readers can click back and forth with total convenience and no “searching” is needed-all on one website.   An excellent way to promote
anything for sale is to provide as much background and buyer-confidence information as possible!

A Featured listing incudes a LINK TO YOUR OWN WEB SITE,  or to any web page of your choice.

Also, talking about the horse’s background or even offering a bit of his/her story will capture people’s attention.  The important facts are needed, but background about the individual horse and the seller (you) will make your advertising successful.

Stating a Price is Best
Online people seldom spend much time reading unless a price is stated.  It is fine to indicate you would consider a lower amount , or even “the best offer”, but folks simply are less inclined to click to read your details if no price at all is stated on the search pages.

Answer Emails and Phone Calls without Delay
If you have spent any time online at all, you already know how important it is to respond quickly to inquiries.  Be sure to provide a phone number that puts people in touch with you and not a machine, and for certain sure it is important to answer any email quickly.  Yes, people will have questions, but if you don’t answer their attempts to talk to you with promptness and with politeness, they won’t hang around to close the deal.   Dealing with the public can be tiring and sometimes downright frustrating, but if people are going to spend money with you, they want to know what they want to know, and the sooner the better.

Create A Stable/Farm/Ranch Identity on this site
All listings on Horse Show Central offer a FREE option.  Taking time to do this on HSC provides an easy way for buyers to become familiar with you as a seller and also provides a way for you to offer more information to the public about yourself and the services you offer.  Each ad you run, provides space to list all of your other ads !  Don’t have a stable ?  Aren’t standing a stallion ?  Perhaps you have a horse-related business, or offer a horse show service, or are involved with producing a horse show or are part of a horse association.  Selling horses involves selling the seller too !  The more you promote yourself, the more successful you will be in selling a horse or product.

What to do Next :
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For EXISTING SITE USERS  --If you have completed the first step, all you ever have to do is login to create new ads in whatever category you wish, or edit existing ones from your own private admin area, your own Main Menu page.