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Paradigm Farms (HSC Directory)

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Paradigm Farms

College Grove, Tennessee

Contact: Melissa
Phone: 615-796-1001
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  About Us
We strive to provide the "ideal" retirement for your horse. Large, beautiful grass pastured, spacious run-in sheds, customized feeding program, blanketing and much more are provided for all of the horses. All board prices include de-worming, hoof trims, and annual vaccinations.

  Services Offered plus Our Main Breeds & Disciplines
Services Offered:
Horse Retirement
Akhal-Teke, American Bashkir Curly, American Paint, American Saddlebred, Andalusian - Lusitano, Appaloosa, Arabian, Belgian, Canadian Horse, Clydesdale, Connemara Pony, Dales Pony, Dartmoor Pony, Draft Horse, Friesian, Hackney, Hackney Horse, Hackney Pony, Haflinger, Hanoverian, Holsteiner Horse, Irish Cob (Gypsy), Lipizzan, Mangalarga Marchador, Miniature Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Morab, Morgan, Mustang, National Show Horse, Norwegian Fjord, Oldenburg, Paso Fino, Percheron, Peruvian Paso, Pinto, POA, Pony, Quarter Horse, Rocky Mountain, Shetland Pony, Sport Horse, Standardbred, Tennesse Walking Horse, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Warmblood, Welsh Pony & Cob
CLASSIC PLEASURE, Classic Pleasure Driving, Classic Pleasure Driving -Reinsmanship, SHOW PLEASURE, Show Pleasure - Junior Exhibitor, Show Pleasure - Adult, Show Pleasure - Driving, Show Pleasure - Novice, Racing, Harness Racing, Halter, ENGLISH RIDING, Dressage Levels, Saddle Seat, Saddle Seat Equitation, Gaited, 5 Gaited, ENGLISH PLEASURE, Hunter Jumper, HUNTER, JUMPER, Hunter Pleasure, Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, DRIVING, Carriage Driving, Combined Driving, Fine Harness, Roadster, Road Pony, WESTERN Horse, Western Pleasure, Equitation Western, CUTTING, REINING, ROPING, CowHorse, Penning Sorting, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Sidesaddle, PLEASURE, Western Performance, Dressage Hunt Jump, EQUITATION, RANCH HORSE, Working Cowhorse, Reined Cowhorse, TRAIL, Drill Team, Costume, Futurity Classes, Academy, Amateur, 3-5 Gaited - age of horse, 3-5 Gaited - height of horse, 3-5 Gaited - mare, gelding, stallion, 3-5 Gaited Amateur, 3-5 Gaited Amateur- mare, gelding, stallion, 3-5 Gaited Amateur - height of horse, 3-5 Gaited Junior, 3-5 Gaited Junior -by sex of horse, 3-5 Gaited -Ladies/Gents, 3-5 Gaited Jr. Exhibitor, 3-5 Gaited Novice, 3-5 Gaited Park, 3-5 Gaited Park Amateur, 3-5 Gaited Park Pleasure, 3-5 Gaited Pleasure, 3-5 Gaited Country Pleasure, 3-5 Gaited Show Pleasure, 3-5 Gaited Pony, Walk-Trot Classes, Fine Harness -Amateur, Fine Harness - age of horse, Fine Harness -Junior, Fine Harness - Ladies, Fine Harness - Jr. Exhibitor, Hackney/Harness Pony, Hackney/Harness Pony- Amateur, Hackney/Harness Pony -Ladies/Gents, Hackney/Harness Pony -Pair, Hackney/Harness Pony - Pleasure Driving, Hackney/Harness Pony - Jr. Exhibitor, Road Pony - Amateur, Road Pony - Junior Exhibitor, Road Pony - Under Saddle, Roadster Amateur, Roadster to Bike, Roadster to Wagon, Roadster under saddle, English Show Hack, English Hack, English Pleasure - by age of horse, English Pleasure - by sex of horse, English Pleasure - Jr. Exhib., English Pleasure - Amateur, English Pleasure - ladies/gents, English Pleasure - youth, COUNTRY PLEASURE, Country Pleasure - English, Country Pleasure English - age of horse, Country Pleasure - Adult, Country Pleasure -Driving, Country Pleasure - Hunter, Country Pleasure -Junior Exhibitor, Country Pleasure - Novice, Country Pleasure - Western, Classic Pleasure Driving - age of horse, Classic Pleasure Driving - by sex of horse, Classic Pleasure Saddle, Classic Pleasure Saddle - Jr. Exhib., Classsic Pleasure saddle - ladies/gents, PLEASURE DRIVING, Pleasure Driving - age of horse, Pleasure Driving - by sex of horse, Pleasure Driving - ladies/gents, Pleasure Driving - amateur, Pleasure Driving - Jr. Exhib., Pleasure Driving Pony, Equitation - Adult, Equitation - Auxiliary, Equitation - Dressage Seat, Equitation - over fences, Equitation - Pleasure, Equitation Walk & Trot, Equitation - Saddle & Bridle Medallion, Equitation- NHS Good Hands, Equitation - Saddle Seat Medal, Equitation - UPHA 11 & Under, Equitation - UPHA Adult Challenge Cup, Equitation - UPHA Challenge Cup 17 & Under, Equitation -UPHA Challenge Cup WT 10 & Under, Equitation - UPHA Junior Challenge Cup, Equitation - UPHA Senior Challenge Cup, UPHA CHallenge Cup classes, UPHA Classic Classes, UPHA Fine Harness, UPHA Park Pleasure, PARK, Park Saddle, Park Saddle - Jr. Exhibitor, Park Saddle - ladies/gents, Park Saddle - youth, Park Amateur, Park Saddle - Amateur, Park Harness, Park Harness - youth, Park Harness - Jr. Exhibitor, Park Harness - ladies/gents, Park Pleasure, Park Pleasure - Driving, Park Pleasure - Junior, Park Pleasure - Novice, Prix St. George, Driving - Marathon, Carriage Driving - Dressage, Carriage Driving - obstacle, Carriage Driving - pleasure working, Jumper - prelim, Jumper - by age of horse, Jumper - Intermediate, Jumper - junior, Jumper - amateur, Jumper - junior/amateur owner, Jumper - youth, Jumper Pony, Hunter Hack, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter - regular working, Hunter - senior working, Hunter - green working, Hunter - junior working, Hunter - low working, Hunter - adult working, Hunter - child working, Hunter - amateur working, Hunter - regular conformation, Hunter - green conformation, Hunter - novice, Hunter - Non pro, Hunter - youth, Hunter - breeding, Hunter Pleasure - age of horse, Hunter Pleasure - age of rider, Hunter Pleasure - sex of horse, Hunter Pleasure - Amateur, Hunter Pleasure - Jr. Exhib, Hunter Pleasure - ladies/gents, Hunter Pony, Hunter Pony - green, Hunter Pony - regular, Barrel s - amateur, Barrels - youth, Cutting - classic, Cutting - derby, Cutting - novice, Cutting - youth, Cutting - Non pro, Working Cow Horse - junior, Reining - senior, Reining - junior, Reining - ladies, Reining - youth, Reining - Non pro, Reining- limited open, Reining- novice horse, Reining- snaffle bit/hackamore, Rodeo, Roping - amateur, Roping - breakaway, Team/heading, Team/heeling, Trail - senior, Trail - amateur, Trail - youth, Trail Pleasure, Showmanship, Western - longe line, Western Working, Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure - junior, Western Pleasure - senior, Western Pleasure - age of horse, Western Pleasure - mare, gelding, stallion, Western Pleasure - Non pro, Western Pleasure - amateur, Western Pleasure - Jr. Exhib., Western Pleasure - youth, Western Pleasure - novice youth, WESTERN RIDING, Western Riding - senior, Western Riding - junior, Western Riding - youth, Western Riding - novice youth, WALKING, Walking Horse - Model Pleasure, Walking Horse - Park Performance, Walking Horse - Park Pleasure, Walking Horse - Plantation, Walking Horse - Plantation Pleasure, Walking Horse - Plantation Pleasure Driving, Walking Horse - Show Pleasure, Walking Horse - Trail Pleasure, English, Walking Horse - Trail Pleasure, Western, Walking Horse - owner-amateur, Walking Horse - amateur owned/trained, Walking Horse - youth, Walking Horse - Lite Shod

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