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  American Paint Cutting in Alabama   (3)
  American Paint Reining in Alabama   (3)
  American Paint Rpng in Alabama   (3)
  American Paint Cowhrse in Alabama   (3)
  Quarter Horse Wstrn Plsr in Alabama   (3)
  Quarter Horse Cutting in Alabama   (4)
  Quarter Horse Reining in Alabama   (4)
  Quarter Horse Rpng in Alabama   (4)
  Quarter Horse Cowhrse in Alabama   (3)
  Sport Horse Dressage in Alabama   (3)
  American Paint Wstrn Plsr in Arizona   (4)
  American Saddlebred 5 Gtd in Arizona   (5)
  Appaloosa Wstrn Plsr in Arizona   (4)
  Arabian Eng. Rdng in Arizona   (7)
  Arabian Saddleseat in Arizona   (5)
  Arabian Dressage in Arizona   (3)
  Arabian Wstrn Hrse in Arizona   (6)
  Arabian Wstrn Plsr in Arizona   (6)
  Morgan Eng. Rdng in Arizona   (5)
  Morgan Saddleseat in Arizona   (3)
  Morgan Wstrn Hrse in Arizona   (5)
  Morgan Wstrn Plsr in Arizona   (5)
  Pony Hntr Jmpr in Arizona   (5)
  Quarter Horse Hntr Jmpr in Arizona   (4)
  Quarter Horse Wstrn Plsr in Arizona   (4)
  Quarter Horse Reining in Arizona   (3)
  Sport Horse Hntr Jmpr in Arizona   (6)
  Sport Horse Dressage in Arizona   (4)
  Thoroughbred Hntr Jmpr in Arizona   (5)
  Thoroughbred Dressage in Arizona   (3)
  Warmblood Hntr Jmpr in Arizona   (8)
  Warmblood Dressage in Arizona   (4)
  American Paint Wstrn Plsr in California   (3)
  American Paint Reining in California   (4)
  American Saddlebred Sho in California   (7)
  American Saddlebred 5 Gtd in California   (7)
  American Saddlebred F. Hrnss in California   (3)
  Arabian Eng. Rdng in California   (8)
  Arabian Saddleseat in California   (3)
  Arabian Dressage in California   (4)
  Arabian Wstrn Hrse in California   (7)
  Arabian Wstrn Plsr in California   (5)
  Arabian Reining in California   (5)
  Morgan Sho in California   (4)
  Morgan Eng. Rdng in California   (12)
  Morgan Saddleseat in California   (3)
  Morgan Dressage in California   (6)
  Morgan Wstrn Hrse in California   (6)
  Morgan Wstrn Plsr in California   (3)
  Morgan Reining in California   (4)
  Pony Hntr Jmpr in California   (6)
  Pony Drvng in California   (4)
  Quarter Horse Hntr Jmpr in California   (7)
  Quarter Horse Wstrn Plsr in California   (5)
  Quarter Horse Cutting in California   (3)