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Overview of Stables, Farms, Ranches by State and Breed, Page 3

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  Warmblood in Louisiana   (4)
  Sport Horse in Maryland   (4)
  Warmblood in Maryland   (4)
  American Saddlebred in Massachusetts   (5)
  Hackney in Massachusetts   (3)
  Morgan in Massachusetts   (5)
  Pony in Massachusetts   (5)
  Quarter Horse in Massachusetts   (4)
  Sport Horse in Massachusetts   (9)
  Thoroughbred in Massachusetts   (5)
  Warmblood in Massachusetts   (8)
  Arabian in Michigan   (3)
  Morgan in Michigan   (3)
  Pony in Michigan   (3)
  Quarter Horse in Michigan   (6)
  Sport Horse in Michigan   (3)
  Tennesse Walking Horse in Michigan   (3)
  Warmblood in Michigan   (4)
  American Saddlebred in Missouri   (4)
  Morgan in Missouri   (3)
  Pony in Missouri   (3)
  Quarter Horse in Missouri   (4)
  Sport Horse in Missouri   (3)
  Tennesse Walking Horse in Missouri   (3)
  Thoroughbred in Missouri   (3)
  Warmblood in Missouri   (3)
  American Saddlebred in New Hampshire   (3)
  Morgan in New Hampshire   (3)
  American Paint in New Jersey   (5)
  American Saddlebred in New Jersey   (3)
  Appaloosa in New Jersey   (5)
  Arabian in New Jersey   (5)
  Miniature Horse in New Jersey   (3)
  Morgan in New Jersey   (5)
  Pony in New Jersey   (3)
  Quarter Horse in New Jersey   (9)
  Sport Horse in New Jersey   (13)
  Thoroughbred in New Jersey   (11)
  Warmblood in New Jersey   (9)
  American Paint in New York   (7)
  American Saddlebred in New York   (3)
  Andalusian - Lusitano in New York   (4)
  Appaloosa in New York   (8)
  Arabian in New York   (8)
  Draft Horse in New York   (8)
  Friesian in New York   (5)
  Morgan in New York   (9)
  Paso Fino in New York   (5)
  Pony in New York   (8)
  Quarter Horse in New York   (13)
  Sport Horse in New York   (8)
  Tennesse Walking Horse in New York   (3)
  Thoroughbred in New York   (5)
  Warmblood in New York   (8)
  American Saddlebred in North Carolina   (6)
  Arabian in North Carolina   (4)
  Quarter Horse in North Carolina   (3)
  Sport Horse in North Carolina   (5)
  Warmblood in North Carolina   (5)
  American Saddlebred in Ohio   (6)