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Horses are what HSC is all about!

Grouping of many chestnut and bay horses.

Horses are the focus of the Horse Show Central website and the site serves as a central watering hole for “all things horse’, but one of high quality and no nonsense. Various areas of the site highlight extensive but very specific details.

Use the site-links at the top of the page to browse everyone’s individual listings, all entered by horsemen in their particular niche within our vast and delightful horse-industry.


Here is an overview of what HSC provides.

A current STABLES DIRECTORY, searchable by state or breed or riding disciplines, stating the services each offers the public.

Many stables, farms and ranches today, are involved with several breeds. The ads for stables allow that stable to be easily found in site searches for all the breeds with which the stable is involved, whether that be training, breeding, or sales. Also stables stand stallions and ads between a stable and any individual featured stallion ads are cross linked and cross referenced.

A popular section for STALLIONS, searchable state by state, including other countries, or searchable by breed or riding disciplines in which the stallion or his get excel. Featured ads include stock for sale by stallions, and performance records as well as bloodline charts.

An ongoing calendar for SHOWS, events and clinics across the country and internationally, allows searches by start date, location of course, but ALSO by classes the shows offer as well as breeds and disciplines. Featured ads renew annually, and exhibitors browse the ads ALL YEAR, so editing capabilities have been provided and are easy and never time consuming. HSC traffic is high all year long!

To assist all those who make shows possible, there is a separate SHOW SERVICES area that is very effective in the joining up of those with skills to offer and the shows that require such folks.

National and local ASSOCIATIONS and clubs are easily located, uniting those who enjoy horses of a particular breed or riding discipline.

And of course a section for all the various HORSE-RELATED BUSSINESS contains many and varied categories, for supplies, equipment and services needed to show, raise, breed or enjoy this marvelous animal for pleasure.

There is an extensive area for the world’s BREEDS OF HORSES, including MUSTANG, PONIES, and DRAFT BREEDS, plus great explanatory details about popular RIDING STYLES used in pleasure and all competitive equine disciplines and sports, containing very useful tidbits of knowledge.

Discover the history of each breed, how it came to be, including combinations of original bloodline, and the development over time to reach a breed standard, then the strengths and any weakness in the breed. Contrary to what folks feel, no breed is prefect, just almost perfect! Most of these pages were written by scientists who have also been horse-owners a very long time.

Many of the breed pages display copyrighted photos never seen before, of individuals of that breed and often different examples of riding disciplines popular within the breed are displayed also.

The descriptions of all the various riding styles are not just for beginners but also for those actively engaged in showing competitively. Again each article was written for HSC by professionals within each riding style or discipline, who possess and exhibit great, good knowledge about each, both individually and professionally

There are also ARTICLES ABOUT TRAINING, researching many solutions to train or re-train or offering help to the rider, plus ARTICLES ABOUT THE HISTORY OF HORSES. In sharing the facts and sentiments of history, we wish you much pleasure, fact-finding and entertainment.

HORSE RESCUE Is important to many of us, although sadly perhaps not enough of us. This area of HSC allows anyone, any rescue org to put up a featured ad for FREE, so those wanting to help, or those in need can find such resources. These listings, as do all featured ads, rotate on the homepage of HSC.


Want to know what breeds of horses look like? Want to know where to ride horses or learn to ride them, or perfect your skills? Want to know about vacations with horses? Want to locate or promote shows? What do you want to know about horses? Chances are, Horse Show Central can help you.