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Show Ad Prices

Promote your show or event on the website that ranks high on ALL the search engines and the
website that enjoys such tremendous exhibitor traffic and high ratings ALL--YEAR--LONG!

Make your Show Manger’s life easier . Be visible on a high ranking site all year long, and reach out to a greater public.

Every Horse Show Event ad displays multiple times according to date, name, state, country, each breed for
which there are classes and ALSO the types of discipline classes your show offers!

USD for an entire year for a Featured Ad (See the huge list of what you get, below!)
$30 USD for an entire year for a DISCOUNTED Featured Ad (see the huge list of what you get, below!)
$30 USD for an entire year for an Enhanced Featured ( see explanation below.)
ONLY $5 USD for an entire year for a Standard Ad (see information about ad content, below.)

$49 USD per year for a Featured Show SERIES AD. Each show in the series is displayed as
though it were a stand-alone featured ad, according to it’s monthly start date. (see information below.)

The huge list of what you get with any Featured Ad:

--A direct link to your own website, which never fails to push traffic to you.
--Featured ads always display above standard ads.
--A Featured listing also rotates on the homepage.
--A logo or preview photo displays on all sorted search pages and at the top of your listing with a 
   unique promotional tag line.
--An additional photo gallery.
--Exhibitors can download your prize list, show schedules AND 3 entry blanks, right from HSC if you wish,
   as well as being directed to your own site. Make information easy for Exhibitors to obtain!
--List your current judges.
--List any Show Pre-Qualifications, including allowing Exhibitors to download.
--Featured Classes - many areas and downloads to really promote your special classes individually.
--Greater bandwidth and space to talk about special events, auctions, parties, anything.
--Downloadable Feed & Bedding info, plus extra space to talk about these necessary topics.
--Contact Info - list many people with titles, phone, emails, faxes, etc.
--Post Show Results and “After the Show” articles and news.
--A special “ News” feature that allows you to announce news and shows changes, like new classes or
   anything of great importance,front and center for readers.
--Special Features areas - space to talk about anything extra you do or offer.
--List Info for Possible Show Vendors and provide person for vendors to contact.
--List Nearby Lodgings and Directions - make it easy for exhibitors!

What you get with a DISCOUNTED Featured Ad:

a FULLY Featured Ad for a discounted price for the entire year, and you place an approved text link
to HSC on your show’s homepage (usually at the bottom of your page!)  You email us first so we can
send you the proper wording for the link, and the link must be in place before you charge your ad online.

This Link must alwys be able to be read by our link testing software.  If it isn’t, and if you do not correct
the issue in a timely manner, your ad will cease displaying, no refunds.  Please  note, we do not link to
Facebook.  Your website must be an approved sort of website.  Have doubts? Email us with your URL.

What you get with a Standard Ad:

A year long presence online promoting your show. Show name, date, state, phone, and a way customes
can email withoiut knowing your email address, unless you reply to them of course.  Your ad is presented
under your breeds and types of classes when customers search for shows that include these, but this info
 is not displayed in the body of your ad.

What you amazingly get with a Featured Show Series Ad:

This is available for a series of shows that offer the same class list, etc, but which are presented several
months throughout the year ( up to one each month actually).  When you purchase this wonderful
package, your featured ad opens to allow you to enter the multiple dates of this series.  Then because
this is a featured ad, each show in the series displays as though it were a stand alone show on all
the site show searches and lists.  This is probably the best deal of the new century!  Just purchase
ONE featured ad, then enter all the info included in a featured ad, but also enter the multiple dates!

Enhanced Featured Ads:
If your show is sponsored by your Association, you can purchase a lower priced featured Association
ad, and both ads will be mutually linked. As each is read by the public, one ad will lead to the other,
as well as each ad being displayed according to the breeds and disciplines that apply to you.  This
increases traffic to both both ads.  Price = $30 for the additional  inter-linked ad.   Note: If at any
time you discontinue your first ad, your second ad will revert to the full price from that day forward.

Multiple Association Show ads can also be entered, all mutually linked: $30 per each additional
Association sponsored show. All shows will link from your Association ad, and your Association will be
linked on each such show ad.  All of your ads will be featured ads too.