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Saddlebred Farms - HSC Overview

Saddlebred mare and new foal at a breeding farm.

Saddlebred Farms are integral to the existence of this breed of horse, and as such are highly welcome on HSC. Any owner wants everyone to know what their farm offers you, whether it is breeding stock, colts, training for pleasure or for the show ring, teaching (and on what level). They want you to know where they are and all about whatever they offer the public.


Horse Show contains listings about most of the SADDLEBRED FARMS in the world.

For general public access to these listings, just look to the area at the top of the homepage and click on the word ; stables and our online search facility will appear. You can search by name, breed, location, and also by the services they offer. You will be given a list that matches your search terms; from this list, click the details button to read all about the individual listing.


You are invited to CREATE YOUR OWN LISING FOR SADDLEBRED FARMS. Once you login, you will be provided your own private area from which to edit and update 24/7.

ALL listings are searchable on this site, by name, location, breeds, disciplines AND by services
each of the farms offer.

Featured listings carry a low annual fee, and rotate on the homepage, plus have many more tools and more space with which to promote. Provide site readers with good descriptions of all that you offer them, and you will develop a following. Upload docs or pdfs that existing or potential customers can print out, and take advantage of the photo gallery and videos.


It is hard to say when Saddlebred farms first began, but this event actually occurred prior to the Saddle Horse being officially recognized as a breed. Since Colonial times the saddle horse as a type was valued and since these horses at that time were vital to the work and well-being of humans, there also existed people who were involved in breeding and raising good saddle horses; there was certainly land available to do so. In time Saddlebreds romping, chomping in pastures and stables swept not only back roads but also main thoroughfares.

Since the inception of the breed, there have been many historic Saddlebred farms producing individual horses who helped both form and change the breed for the better, whose contributions have been outstanding. It is impossible to list them all here, but surely at a minimum, we should mention Kalarama Farm, Blythewood, Dodge Stables and Castleton Farm, and Ruxer Farms. Well, the full list would be huge and the history overwhelming. The large farms are the repository of an enthusiasm held by many thousands of individual owners and breeders, and their love of this breed as well as what the horses themselves have accomplished in the record books and the ongoing gifts with which they grace people’s lives.

ASB farms are now located all across the nation, and large or small are dedicated to producing the finest bloodstock and performers, concentrating on the breeding and development of horses to improve both the process and result. Besides being key to a sport that generates large amounts of money annually, the four-legged stars are the focal point of a pastoral environment that makes people honestly want to spend their lives on the farm!

Many allow visitors, but by appointment only. You can get a listing of ASB farms in your home state by checking out the stable/farm/ranch section of the website.


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ASB farms exist in all states of the 50 United States and beyond!


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