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Rescue & Adoption Directory for Horses

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All Horse Rescue and Protection listings are FREE and display as a Featured promotion.

PMU and all horse rescue orgs. are welcome world wide.

Each USA horse adoption association  can be located by state.

Enter your organization For Free, edit often to stay near the top.

Those who seek aide; those who seek to offer aide, please use the search to your left to locate Horse Rescue and protection organizations within the USA.

Name of Organization Breeds Address

Featured Rescue & Adoption Associations

Reins of Life Youth Ranch
15200 Co Hwy 63N
Carbon HillAlabama
J&M Acres Horse Rescue
13455 224th Street
Maple RidgeBritish Columbia
Hope Equine Rescue
1200 Dixie Dr
Kirzy's Place, Inc
65385 N HWY 97
Lost and Found Horse Rescue Foundation, Inc.
15800 Darnestown Road
Horseshoe Junction Equine Rescue, Inc.
3557 Ga Hwy 338
Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.
P.O. Box 921708
Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.
43945 Golden Hills Drive
Equine Solutions
288 McEver Ln
Habitat For Horses, Inc
P.O. Box 213
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All Rescue listings are both Featured and totally FREE.

The formats are thorough, and allow you to tell the public about yourself, what youdo and what you hope to do. It is wise to offer some financial info so folks know you arelegit, however. Are you a 301? What is your status, etc.

Also, our websites stats tell us that photos of equines saved and doing better are viewed more readily by the public and are more likely to result in the help all rescue organizations sodesperately need.

A short editorial follows:

Someone famous said the mark of a civilization is its relationship with or care of its animals . Unfortunately that leaves a lot of us on the wrong side of that demarcation line. None of us like to think of the horror and abuse so many horses must face and that cripple or end their lives, but since such circumstances do exist so often, wisdom and mercy implore us to think.

A tiny bit of help from each of us as caring individuals who wish the world to be a better place will indeed make the world a better place. Sometimes doing a tiny thing individually creates in the long run a huge difference.

The help comes in many form, suited to each giver, and begins with awareness.

Browse Horse Rescue by State Location:

What horse rescue facilities exist in what states of our country? Do we wish to donate or adopt, or do we have or know of horses that need help? The knowledge base offered here makes it easy to locate, email or call and to know distance involved if that is important, which it sometimes is!

The following states offer at least 3 horse rescue facilities:
CA    FL    IN    OH    TX   

Browse Horse Rescue established for a single Breed:

Horse rescue efforts do sometimes mainly focus on one, single breed . It is important to know who they are and where they are. Often this knowledge is important to those who wish to donate in memory of a favorite, or are looking to adopt.

Breeds for which there are at least 3 horse rescue organizations listed:
ALL BREEDS    American Saddlebred    Arabian    Morgan    Mustang    Thoroughbred