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Featuring the most popular breed of horse in Utah , the Utah Quarter Horse Association is a good place to learn about competitions, clinics and activities. shows, events, clinics . Most of their shows include Open breed classes also. The Arabian, Thoroughbred, American Paint, and Appaloosa horse breeds are also favored in Utah, but really most breeds and disciplines are represented in the state, resulting in many, many ways to enjoy your own favorite. Most horses in Utah are used for pleasure, from trail riding to showing, including many youth activities. 4-H activities are well supported in this state with much outreach.

Trail riding is h-u-g-e in Utah!   The state is famous for its recreation, outdoors and year round. There are five national parks, several national monuments and a couple of national recreation areas, plus many national forest, but also many, many state parks. It is easy to rent a horse to trail ride your own surrounded by magnificent landscapes. For a small example, in Battle Creek is a 5 mile trail ride that takes over three hours to finish, at the Unita State Park, and there is a well-known 10 mile trail ride too, at The Shingle Creek Trail head. There is simply no lack of diversity in trail rides

The horse industry in Utah is well-served by the Utah State University Equine Teaching and Extension Team and their website holds much equine events information, and links to other related sites.

South Jordon is the location of the annual Utah Horse Expo at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, the same location where the Annual Utah Wild Horse & Burro Festival takes place. The BLM show requires all horses to have a US BLM freeze mark and the goal is to demonstrate what can be accomplished when wild horses are given care and training.

The Laurel Brown Racetrack in Magna, UT is maintained year round, and presents world class Quarter Horse Racing plus and chariot racing in snow season.

Utah is composed of much Federal land, having close to 80% in either BML or national forests, parks, monument areas, recreational areas, or wilderness areas. Indeed, every single county in Utah contains varied amounts of national forest. Landscapes in Utah vary from deserts with dunes, to mountains and down the mountains to valleys lush with pine forests.

The Wasatch Mountain range in the north, runs down the center of Utah and at the western base of this range is the Wasatch Front composed of valleys and basins. This is the most populated land in the state.

Western Utah is arid with desert and desert landscape and climate, while the southern and southeastern land is mostly sandstone with world famous formations formed over many millions of years. This is awesomely beautiful but very wild land. Also in the southeast is the Navajo Nation.

Eastern Utah is mostly part of the Uintah an Ouray Indian Reservation, and the north east is at high elevation, with basin and plateau landscape

Utah’s temperatures are extreme, with cold temperatures in winter due to its elevation, and very hot summers statewide (with the exception of mountain areas and high mountain valleys) The south west is the hottest and contains the most northern area of the Mojave Desert. Temperatures in the height of summer range from 85 to 100, with most nights being cool. Winter temps almost always drop to below zero, because while Utah provides a dry to desert climate, the many mountains provide variations in climate.

Building styles, from homes to all building, does reflect the early heritages as well as the eventual merging with the mainstream of the country. From adobe, to rock, on to Classic this and that, Revival and even Victorian, yet California Ranch Style is huge with many variations. Also it is a pleasure to say that the Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright is present in Utah.

One certainly has a choice of terrain and style of home or buildings. Utah is very much a tourist state, so expect to see visitors summer and winter, or maybe you will just feel you are on a constant vacation yourself!

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.