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New Jersey is a horse-loving state, so much so that the horse is part of the state seal, and yet today, horses and horse activities are found in every county of the state. New Jersey doesn’t recognize one breed of horse as a state motto, but instead the horse officially is the state animal.

Over one and a half thousand acres of farmland supports the horse industry in New Jersey, and something like close to 80 percent of the NJ horses are used in showing and recreation. Just to highlight the bond between state and horse, the US Equestrian Team is headquartered in New Jersey.

Now racing has its part in the state horse activities too, both for the Thoroughbred and for the Standardbred in Harness racing. There are four main rack tracks: Freehold Raceway (Harness racing only), Monmounth ( Thoroughbred racing only), The Meadowlands (racing for both the Thoroughbred and the Standardbred), and the Atlantic City Race Course (Thoroughbred racing only). New Jersey is the host of races of national and international importance including races such as the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth, and of course The Hambletonian at the Meadowlands.

Man of the New Jersey horse operations are not businesses, but there are many boarding, training, lesson and show horse facilities. There is also trail riding and public stables.

The Horse Park of New Jersey is comprised of 185 acres and many equine events are held here during a year –competitions, clinics, schooling, auctions and trade fairs. The park has stalls in permanent buildings, two show rings, a fenced and lighted schooling ring and Dressage warm-up ring, a Grand prix and carriage dressage arena, plus a multi-purpose pavilion.

The website for the New Jersey Horse Council calendar of events, lists year long horse activities. And the state also boast the Equine Science Center (ESC) at Rutgers, which is fully dedicated to the well-being and ongoing knowledge of the horse, and the performance of horses.

New Jersey has roughly 5 natural geographic regions : Gateway (Northeastern) is close to New York City; Skylands (Northwestern) has more mountains, and woods and is more rural; Shore ( along the Atlantic), has its own lifestyle as per the ocean; Delaware Valleyk (southwestern) is near Philadelphia; and Pine Barrens( the interior of the south of NJ) is covered by oak and pine forest, with much lower population than the rest of the state.

Of course New Jersey then has climate differences to. The northeast, the south and central areas of the sate are more humid, white the northwest has a bit cooler temps because of the mountains. Summers are fairly hot and humid, though seldom exceeding 100 degrees (more like perhaps 90 degrees for under thirty days each summer. Winters are basically cold.

New Jersey property varies with the geography and also with the long time history of residency, but there is a variety of property home and business styles. Most horse property is small , on average, as most horse owners have no more than roughly 8 horses per property, rather than the sprawling pastures of Kentucky or the ranch horse property of the west.

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.