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Although there are several good Harness racing tracks in Michigan, way over a third of the horse activities in Michigan involve the use of the horse for recreation and/or pleasure. The most opular breed ( by numbers) is the Quarter Horse, followed by the Paint, then the Arabian and the Standardbred. All other major breeds and disciplines are found in Michigan also, but these are the top four and total over half of all the horses residing in Michigan. There is also more than a few of the Draft horse breeds in Michigan, mainly Belgian, then as per numbers the Percheron, followed by the Clydesdale, along other Drafts plus grade too.

Also in the most recent census, close to two thirds live in locations that have fewer than ten horses on that property, indicating small or medium operations, yet horses were abundant are in practically every country of the state. A little over half of Michigan’s horses live on agricultural property, with the rest on residential property. The horse industry in Michigan is a true blend of urban and rural ownership. Public use is in such areas as : trail and pleasure riding, parks or recreation property, State of nationals forest, wildlife management areas, and public roads as well as of course, private land.

Harness racing tracks that offer live races include: Hazel Park Raceway, Great Lakes Downs, Saginaw Harness Raceway, Mount Pleasant Meadows, and Jackson Harness Raceway.

Michigan offers the world’s largest all breed youth show which is sponsored by the Michigan Horse Show Association. The Michigan Horse Expo is one of the top expos in the country lasting 3 days, and is held at the Michigan State University Livestock Pavillion in East Lansing.

Michigan offers tourism locations and draws vacationers and nature enthusiasts from both the US and Canada. With fifth percent of land being forest land, plus lakes and literally thousands of miles of beaches the attraction is understandable!

Anyone in Michigan is very close to a natural water source at any time – maybe 6 miles at best. And anyone in Michigan is less than 100 miles from the shoreline of a Great Lake – Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan or Lake Superior, all which form Michigan borders from east to west.

Much Michigan property is maintained by the National Park Service, with 6 forest, close to 80 state parks and close to 20 or so state recreation areas. This is the larger state park and forest system in the US.

Michigan property actually consists of two peninsulas – the Lower mitten shaped peninsula and the Upper (the U. P.). They are separated by the Straits of Mackinaw, a five miles channel from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. The U.P. is sparsely populated with mountains in the west (one of the oldest chain in the world). The area is a source of abundance natural resources as well as a tourist location. The Lower Peninsula, shaped like a mitten, holds about two thirds of Michigan’s land area.

Climate in central and southern parts of the Lower Peninsula have a warmer climate with cold winters and hot summers, while the northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the whole of the U. P. has more harsh climate with shorter but warm summer and longer ‘cold’ winters. Michigan has fertile soil, with a huge variety of crops (vegetables and fruits) second only to the State of California. This means grazing property is great for horses too! .

The link above for the state show association is a good resource place to start. Replies from local horse owners is always of great value, then the realtors for an idea of current price ranges and building and home styles.

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.