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Kentucky is the home of literally thousands of horse operations , and over a million acres is used for them. Main uses are first for r farms or ranches, then personal use, followed by boarding/training establishments, and breeding.

Thoroughbreds are the most popular in numbers, then Quarter Horses, followed by Tennessee Walkers, and Saddlebreds. After the saddle horses, come donkeys and mules, then the Mountain Horse Breeds, followed by the Standardbred.

The list of primary use of these breeds is as follows: First and by a large number is Trail Riding and Pleasure, followed by broodmares, then show horses or competition horses. Below this in number but still a very healthy percent is the annual yearlings, weanlings and foals. Then comes the race horses, and breeding stallions. There are also horses used for work or transportation.

All this being said, with the extent to which horses are popular in Kentucky, it would be hard indeed not to find a representative of every current USA horse breed, and probably more than USA!! Kentucky is horse country for sure.

The Kentucky Horse Park, in Lexington comprises 1200 acres with museums, sculpture, art and history of the horse and the park hosts many local, national and international events annually such as Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing Trials, Breed shows, Rodeos, Reining shows, Pony Club Rallys, Mounted Games, Polo, Carriage Driving events, and Cross-Country events. The activities are fairly constant for both competitions, fans and all horse lovers.

In the state of Kentucky as a whole, there are only about a zillion horse and horse-related activities. You name it, it’s there, from pleasure and trail riding, to education, to museums, to clinics and competitions.

The race tracks in Kentucky are something too. The most famous surely is Churchill Downs in Louisvile, where the world famous Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks take place early every May. This track has been the location also of several Breeders Cup events.

Another track of historical fame is the truly beautiful Keenland in Lexington, where the Blue Brass Stakes and other famous races take place. Keenland is also the site of the greatest bloodstock sales world wide. There is Turfway Park in Florence (offering Thoroughbred racing , fall, winter and spring), and Ellis Park in Henderson with live racing July through Labor Day Oh there are more! Kentucky Downs in Franklin (TB all turf racing), the Red Mile ( oldest harness racing track in Kentucky dating for 1875 and site of the KY. Futurity, final jewel of the triple crown for trotters),

At the Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, one can watch the trainers training and the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville is definitely popular.

The mid-sized Kentucky Mountain Saddle horses (developed in the state) is popular and at the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship show , one watches American Saddlebred horses vie for world titles, with enough shouting to almost raise the coliseum roof ( which isn’t tiny). The Fair Grounds also hosts several breed/discipline shows.

In all seasons, the rolling hills and bluegrass fields with remnants of stone fences and tobacco farm buildings is historical and enchanting, whether you are trail riding or visiting the world famous breeding farms. Kentucky property can be divided into five primary regions, with one of them (the Bluegrass region) being divided again into inner and outer. The soil is very fertile and famous for the horses that come from and live in this state. The state also boast many natural attraction sites,a few of which are Cumberland Gap and Fall, Mammoth Cave National Park, Black Mountain, Natural Bridge and many more.

Kentucky has ” hills” and lakes and rivers as well as rolling pastures, and many parks The climate is warmer than in the north, but still seasonal, and can vary from very hot to fairly cold – of course spring comes early. Kentucky is a land of history and an ongoing Commonwealth.

To begin choosing horse property it would be good to contact the KY association for your favorite breed/discipline and let them share where the main activities of interest are located, then proceed with realty companies. There is a value range in homes from modest to very unmodest, and many styles of dwellings. You might also start with the the Kentucky Horse Council and the Kentucky Equine Networking Associaton!

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.