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Idaho has more horses per population of humans than any other state and a few million acres are used for the care of horses. Of course part of this statistic is BLM and the six herd management areas of wild horses. (Four are in the Boise area, one in Twin Falls area, and one in the Challis Field Office.) Still horse ownership is high in Idaho with many households owning several.

The most popular breed is the Quarter Horse ( over 50%), then the Paint, Arabian, Appaloosa and Thoroughbred. As far as how horses are used, the highest is a Riding Horses, then racing, with the wild horses and Draft horses at the bottom. This is not to say that most other breeds are represented, because they are, this is just ‘on average’.

Idaho is one of the 12 states that names a start horse, which in this case is the Apaloosa. The breed’s name is derived from a river in the northern part of the state, called the Palouse! It was the Nez Perce Native American tribe who ranged from northern Idaho to eastern Washington who was responsible for the foundation of this famous breed.

Trail rides are big in Idaho because of the expanse of natural, beautiful and mountainous landscape.The state hosts an annual Idaho Horse Expo each April with emphasis on Stallions, a Blue Ribbon Horse Sale, Breed Challenge, Cowboy Race, Clinics, and Ranch Pleasure as well as Kids Camp.

The Expo takes place at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, which also hosts many other events throughout the year – State shows, Hunt/Jump, Dressage, Arabian shows, Quarter Horse events, Cutting, Stampede Rodeo, and a Driving Festival for example.

Horse racing, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse is overseen by the Idaho State Racing Commission,with a couple of main tracks. And the University of Idaho includes equine interests too having actually cloned the first equine ever – a Mule, in 2003.

Idaho terrain includes some of the largest natural areas in the US , some of which is quite rugged. This state is a Rocky Mountain state, so there are many scenic areas, with ranges of snow-capped mountains, along with steep canyons, rapids and many, many lakes. Tourism and trail riding are abundant.

As far as horse property goes, one must take terrain and climate into consideration. There is much variation in climate, with the western border of the state being influenced by the Pacific making winter cloud cover with its precipitation and humidity. While the eastern area of the state is often just the opposite with wetter summers, and more seasonal temperature changes. The hottest days are found in the lowest elevation, like Lewiston, but hot summer is softened by low humidity and cooler evenings.

Of course the ‘style’ of homes on properties varies to include almost anything, yet there is a style of mountain homes that is quite popular, though suburban style homes are popular now too. As is always the smart thing, look over the terrain, contact the state horse council, and talk to current residents via the internet, before contacting a realty company or two,depending on your choice of location in the state.

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.