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#state_name# Property for Sale Suitable for the Horse

The number of horses in Connecticut ranks well, being about third in the nation and for sure higher than another other state in the New England area. Over half of the horses in Connecticut include many mixed-breed horses , Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred. But there are also good numbers of Arabian, and Morgans, plus breeds like Saddlebred, Appaloosa, Paints and Standardbreds..There is most definitely a strong interest in Connecticut for breeding, training and owning horses.

Along with breed and discipline shows, clubs and clinics, there is much specific interest in Polo,and the hunt seat disciplines. The top interest pleasure and trail riding, with forest areas and greenway areas having been preserved. One of the older horse programs in the nation is at the University of Connecticut, which maintains around ninety horses, includes a Polo program and is renown for the breeding of the Morgan horse.

Ownership of horses is very broad across incomes, high under $50k to of course substantial over $100,000. A lot of people in Connecticut own horses, and most of the horse owners keep their horses at home rather than board. This indicates sufficient availability of property suitable for horses and also the popularity of trail riding. Naturally there are boarding, training and lesson stables, not to mention breeding.

Connecticut’s small town and rural areas (mostly in the northeast, plus corners in the northwest), rest in high contrast with the industrial cities ( coastal and those bordering New York and up the River to Hartford). This means the cost and the abundance of horse property varies in this state, depending on location. Most of western and southern Connecticut is strongly influenced by New York, meaning more affluent and a higher population. More influenced by the larger area of New England culture, is the Eastern side of the state.

This all means that horse property values vary widely, combining a lower median value with multi-million dollar land and homes, second only to California. This will influence where you search for property. Also, while winter is pretty cold all across, from north to south, and coastal areas can be humid and hot, Connecticut also boasts a great number of sunny days. The state definitely experiences seasonal changes.

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