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#state_name# Property for Sale Suitable for the Horse

Horse Property owners in Colorado enjoy the great beauty of natural land whether it is mountain settings or prairie. Trail riding is state wide, often with wildlife sight seeing. Horseback riding stables abound, including dude ranches, with half day to overnight rides, so it is fairly easy to enjoy the abundances of natural land and indigenous wildlife.

Perhaps the most popular horse breed in Colorado is the Quarter Horse, followed by Arabian and Half Arabian, and then the Thoroughbred. The Colorado Ranger Horse is a breed developed as a breed in Colorado, from two main foundation sires from Turkey, then crossed with local stock. The breed flourishes today. Read about the Colorado Ranger Horse. Many of the horses in Colorado were also produced by local Native Americans, but throughout time horses came to the state from all around the world. Colorado has roughly 50 breeds living there today.

Horse activities include racing, trails rides, all the breed and/or discipline shows and clinics plus breed, rodeo and endurance trials or rides. The state also developed the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, the biggest such event when heading west. Colorado also has a state rescue organization for all horses in Colorado in need of assistance and adoption, and holds many charity events.

One can also see wild horses and burros in four herd areas managed by The BLM: Little Bookcliffs (Grand Junction Field Office), Spring Creek (Mancos/Dolores Field Office), Sandwash (Little Snake Field Office), and Piceance/E. Douglas (White River Field Office).

Colorado State also boasts the largest undergraduate major , with a national reputation, in the College of Agricultural Sciences. This is definitely a state that enjoys horses.

As for horse property in this state, well when one realizes that community equestrian centers are many and frequent, you suddenly understand that horses are a social venue as well as a way of life. Many properties offer horses out your back door, with only a very few minutes needed to be spent driving on road to reach your workplace. Then, of course horse farm and ranch property is readily available also. Big or little, average priced or elaborate, Colorado has it, including miles and miles of open land and trails for training and riding, for enjoying the layered culture, varied architecture, nature, and for enjoying the horse!

As always however, we do advise contacting current horse owners with property in Colorado for the personal viewpoint, as well as reputable realties in whichever area of Colorado landscape appeals most to you.

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.