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#state_name# Property for Sale Suitable for the Horse

California is second only to Texas in the state’s number of horses! Yet in California more money is earned and spent by its horse industry than in Texas. You name the breed or activity and California has it.   

Also, don’t forget this is a state of varied terrain and some is of great interest to tourists, so there are tons of trail rides and dude ranches. But of course to have trail rides, that means the land is open to horseback riding, even if you are a resident!! So from breed and discipline shows; from trail rides and open lands for riding; and from race track to race track, with all popular breeds being represented along with all riding disciplines, plus often wonderful weather, there is no dearth of horse activity for the horse owner,rider, breeder or fancier, in California. It would be more apt to say all horses and riding styles are well and delightfully ensconced in this state, associations, clubs, communities, races, day camps and tons of clinics abound.

Let’s face it, California has the largest state population, some open land and some of the largest cities in the US. So why wouldn’t it have whatever horse, and riding style along with most of the known horse sports?

Now horse property is as diverse as the land: Pacific Coast, Sierra Nevada Mts. Redwood and fir forests, plus the Mojave Desert, with Central Valley agriculture in the middle. Both the highest and lowest point in the US are in California and the coastline is pretty long (just behind Alaska and Florida’s coast lines). Of course we all know, California has earthquakes too, but what’s perfect? 

Once you have chosen a favored landscape, be sure to check average temperatures seasonally for that area, as California temps go from exceeding hot to subarctic, with lots in between, along much of the state is milder than all the US northern, north-central and north-eastern states. The landscapes and terrains of choice are many, and the prices vary, but land and buildings are fairly expensive compare to some other states. Just look at the online horse property ads and once you have a personal preference for this or than terrain, contact a few horse land realtors and email a few horse stables and farms or even better contact the horse association of your choice and ask for overviews as well as specific information. There’s a lot to choose from in California!

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.