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#state_name# Property for Sale Suitable for the Horse

The horse industry in Arizona is very wide spread and contributes close to 2 billion to the stateís economy... maybe more by now! Thatís a lotta horse power!  

Horses are so important to Arizona that this state has actually passed a tax bill that exempts horse usinesses from the larger property tax that came with their previous classification as agriculture. Now this state is serious about their horse industry!

While the Arizona State Horse is officially the Colonial Spanish Horse, AZ possesses great Quarter Horse Circuit shows, with one of the best in the nation. Arabians are also huge in the state, and boasts the Scottsdale Arabian Hose Show. Then the Thoroughbreds contribute to the many millions eanred in racing revenue. The West World Equidome is a great way to host more and more rodeo events too.

Naturally horses are used purely for pleasure and trail riding...this state would have to have pleasure horses and many scenic rides. Just about all breeds of show horses are represented,even the high stepping Saddlebred.

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As far as scenery and culture in Arizona, well.. oh my. Grand Canyon? A wonderful history and past and the blending of traditions of many Native cultures spanning thousands of years?

Then there is the landscape, or should one say landscapes? Grasslands to cactus forests,sand dunes to rivers, and donít forget the varied mountains! From experience we can say the sunsets just about anywhere in Arizona are stupendous too. Like some other states, the pace in this state is not nearly as fast as CA or East Coast, but thatís ok because there is so much to see, experience and relax while enjoying. Donít tell that to the rodeo clowns though.

For further and detailed information on horse property values in Arizona, from area to area in the state, it is best to contact local realtors or property owners who also own horses.

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