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Owning horse property in Alabama, one notices that horse activities are many and nicely varied, and they are important to a good percent of the state’s population as there are over 100,000 horses living there and most of them are NOT race horses !! Most Thoroughbreds are breeding stock or used in other disciplines than racing.

Alabama has close to 50,000 households involved in some aspect of the state’s horse industry. There are local clubs, discipline as well as single breed associations, and shows for all breeds too,plus fun events from 4-H to trail rides, to a good number of both professional and amateur rodeos.

The Quarter Horse is the most popular, followed by the Walking horse. While the official statebreed is the “Racking Horse”, ALL of the main breeds are represented in Alabama.

Life in Alabama is not particularly fast-paced, compared to states with very large cities, but the people on the whole are friendly, and the land is scenic and pastoral unless you are in the largest of the state’s cities where the pace is a bit faster. Air is clean on the whole, and while it does get hot and humid too, you won’t see much snow. We hear the food is GOOD.

Talk to local realtors or owners, or even better, a variety of horse owners who have property and enjoy lives with horses in the State of Alabama, for more specific information!

Be sure to check HSC’s calendar of shows for this state.