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Officially, the Navarra pony is called Caballo Espanol, Subraza de Navarra the important-sounding name stands for just another breed of North Iberian mountain pony. Only the government's forest administration is breeding a small purebred population in the Urbasa Nature Reserve. The breed's homeland is the province of Navarra, between the Pyrenees and the valley of the Ebro, in the region around Pamplona. The ponies live there semi-wild in small herds. Because of their qualities, stallions are used in other regions of Spain for the production of small, useful horses.

With his height of about 12 hands to 12.3 hands at the withers, the tough Navarra pony fits right in with other breeds of northern Spain. The color is usually brown without white markings. The eager movements are elastic and sure-footed.

It has been concluded that the pony from Navarra has had an influence on the Andalusian breed, especially the Andalusian from Cordoba. Whether that influence was greater than that of other North Iberian ponies is largely a matter of speculation. Fact is that some pony characteristics are found in the Andalusian breed, such as the brown or bay color, wide forehead, straight head profile, small ears, heavy mane and tail, and rounded, compact forms. The Navarra pony may have played its role in the creation of the Royal Spanish horse, but at least the animals we find today in the above-mentioned, allegedly last pure herd of around 100 head managed by the forest administration appear too coarse to ever have appealed to Andalusian breeders. They show draft horse characteristics, which could be the result of draft crosses in the distant past, of course, but that would render them not as pure a mountain pony as they are claimed to be.

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