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 Equine Healthcare Resources
Whinnies & Woofs
Equine and canine sports massage therapy. Equissage certified. Sessions can be scheduled at your home, barn or horseshows.
Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy of CNY
How would Equine spinal adjustment be of benefit to many different types of horses:Typically people think that only horses that have back pain, neck stiffness or injury after a nasty fall are the only...
Stop Horse Colic
HORSE COLIC! Every horse owner hates to hear those words! We hate the terrible pain it puts our horses through. We hate the expense and the real possibility of losing our horses. Fear No More!
Hoof Cinch LLC
The Hoof Cinch is a patented product designed to remove the pain of laminitis and fix founder. It allows the hoof wall to realign with the rotated coofin bone in a foundered horse. Easy to install!!
Equine Reproduction Services, Equine Semen Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen, Frozen Semen Storage
Select Breeders Services Equine Reproduction Services: Equine Semen Freezing, Embryo Freezing, Equine Frozen Semen Storage and Distribution
Horse health articles and information - Naturally Equine herbal horse health products - free information on horse care
Articles on homeopathy, aloe vera, flower essences, emu oil, neem oil, lavendar oil and bush magic for horses.
Exodus - equine and canine breeding supplies
Supplier of the Equine Express II Cooled Semen Shipper and products necessary for successful breeding; pipettes, semen extenders, whirlpaks, artificial vaginas, Missouri disposable liners, palpation s...
Equine Organix
pH balanced Grooming Products for Horse and Dog
The Holistic Horse
Sells a range of holistic health care products. Horse wormer, cat wormer, dog wormer, goat wormer, sheep wormer, poultry wormers,msm
Exhale Equine Massage and Rehabilitation
Studies show massage can improve your horse performance and create a high state of physical and emotional well-being.
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