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 Dressage Resources
Classical Dressage Notebook - Putting Theory into Practice
Information about a systematic approach to riding based on renowned classical principles where emphasis is placed on training the rider to work in harmony with the horse.
Friesians of Majesty
Friesians of Majesty is home to high quality purebred Friesians. We offer many different services and proudly stand two 1st Premium FPZV Approved Breeding Stallions, available to all breeds.
Crown Dressage International - Ron Postleb FEI level dressage trainer in Brewster NY
Dressage Trainer Ron Postleb trains horse-rider teams to show at all levels,travels to Germany regularly to find specific horses for individuals, and teaches clinics.
More description for the Dressage riding style and the Web resources you can find for it will be added soon...