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Hunter Jumper Shows HSC Overview

Front view of hunter jumper style, with rider, at the height of clearing an obstacle.

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Hunter Jumper horse shows abound all over the world and the opportunity to participate is widespread.


Visit the show search site area to locate Hunter Jumper horse shows and use the search tool provided. Type into the search any criteria you wish ( name, month, classes you are searching for) and you will be provided a list of hunter jumper horse shows that match your search terms. Then simply click the details button to read the information each individual show or event provides.

At the bottom of this page are links to various shows and classes offered by shows.


Those who manage or promote shows and events are invited to CREATE YOUR OWN HUNTER JUMPER HORSE SHOWS LISTING. Each featured ad carries direct links to a show's individual website. All ads are displayed multiple times according to name, location, date and individual classes offered.

Entry blanks, prize lists, schedules, show results, news all year in "real time", judges, stabling forms - these are only a few of the things HSC makes it possible for shows/events to offer to readers of this site. Compare shows; plan your year's show schedule!


Hunter jumper horse shows offer classes formed according to many variations: what is required of the animal, the expertise of the rider, prize money previously won, size of animal, age and/or experience of rider.

Hunters are judged by how they negotiate obstacles and are generally thoroughbreds or part thoroughbred. They originally represented the type of horses ridden on a foxhunt. In hunter shows, classes are divided by age and experience of both human and mount and size of horse or pony . Hunters jump more naturally styled fences resembling obstacles that might be found in the hunting fields. There are also classes that judge the form and ability of the rider.

Jumpers, are judged solely on their ability to jump and can be any breed or size. Jumping is based totally on speed and strength and clearing the obstacle as cleaning as possible. Jumper courses require the rider's ability and the obedience and ability of the horse to stay on course and clear the jumps.

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Hunter Jumper Horses
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Show Jumping

  Hunter in Arizona   (15)
  Hunter in California   (23)
  Hunter in Colorado   (12)
  Hunter in Connecticut   (3)
  Hunter in Florida   (20)
  Hunter in Georgia   (20)
  Hunter in Illinois   (19)
  Hunter in Indiana   (18)
  Hunter in Iowa   (10)
  Hunter in Kentucky   (14)
  Hunter in Louisiana   (6)
  Hunter in Maine   (10)
  Hunter in Massachusetts   (17)
  Hunter in Michigan   (18)
  Hunter in Minnesota   (11)
  Hunter in Missouri   (20)
  Hunter in New Hampshire   (7)
  Hunter in New Jersey   (16)
  Hunter in New Mexico   (7)
  Hunter in New York   (14)
  Hunter in North Carolina   (22)
  Hunter in Ohio   (40)
  Hunter in Oklahoma   (10)
  Hunter in Pennsylvania   (24)
  Hunter in South Carolina   (6)
  Hunter in Tennessee   (15)
  Hunter in Texas   (27)
  Hunter in Virginia   (9)
  Hunter in Washington   (19)
  Hunter in West Virginia   (5)
  Hunter in Wisconsin   (9)

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