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Horse Farms - HSC Overview

Two horses grazing in paddock near the barn. Horse Farms get a boost from HorseShowCentral.

As a popular and well-used show/event website, HSC enjoys mega traffic from exhibitors and owners, who of course are also interested in needed services that a farm might offer to the public.

Want people to know about the boarding you provide? Training, instruction, summer programs, stallion information, stock for sale?

HSC provides listings that offer high promotion - Each is displayed multiple times according to location, breeds, disciplines and each service advertised.

LOCATE HORSE FARMS. Enter the country or US state you want, enter your favorite breed, or discipline, and/or enter the service you require, then click "show me"! Click the details button to read the particulars!

Those who have a featured status, that also stand stallions and have listings for them on the site, are able to direct traffic back and forth between their listings, by our system of interlinking the ads.

You are invited to click, to BECOME A SITE USER What do you have to do? Just make up a site username and password for yourself. You will be given your own private Main Menu page, or admin page, where you can enter or delete listings, and you can edit and update details at any time, or enter other ads.


All rotate on the homepage and carry direct links to your own site. You are given a very large amount of tools to promote yourself in the listing format itself: an instruction page, training page, Photo Gallery plus a huge farm photo, areas for camps and in-house shows, even a section for any special feature you wish to promote. Don't have a website of your own? This listing can substitute for one easily.

Click to read in detail what a Featured Listing gives you and the very low yearly cost with a detailed and high level promotion. Prices for other types of listings are available from the Advertising link on the left nav.

Become highly visible on the internet, and feel welcome to join in the community benefits of a site like HorseShowCentral!


  Alabama   (10)
  Arizona   (14)
  Arkansas   (3)
  California   (52)
  Colorado   (10)
  Connecticut   (11)
  Florida   (23)
  Georgia   (11)
  Idaho   (4)
  Illinois   (21)
  Indiana   (17)
  Kansas   (3)
  Kentucky   (29)
  Louisiana   (6)
  Maryland   (5)
  Massachusetts   (13)
  Michigan   (11)
  Missouri   (13)
  New Hampshire   (5)
  New Jersey   (15)
  New Mexico   (4)
  New York   (20)
  North Carolina   (18)
  Ohio   (23)
  Oklahoma   (4)
  Pennsylvania   (17)
  South Carolina   (5)
  Tennessee   (18)
  Texas   (19)
  Vermont   (3)
  Virginia   (19)
  Washington   (17)
  West Virginia   (4)
  Wisconsin   (17)
  Wyoming   (4)


  Hrnss Rcing   (6)
  Sho   (85)
  Eng. Rdng   (455)
  Eng. Rdng Lssns   (282)
  Saddleseat   (151)
  Sdleseat EQ.   (123)
  Gtd   (189)
  5 Gtd   (107)
  Gtd Rdng Lssns   (68)
  Hntr Jmpr   (248)
  Hntr Plsr   (27)
  Hntseat Rdng Lssns   (175)
  Hntseat EQ   (157)
  Dressage   (168)
  Dressage Rdng Lssns   (72)
  Eventing   (78)
  Endurance   (40)
  Drvng   (155)
  Crg Drvg   (13)
  Cmbnd Drvng   (7)
  F. Hrnss   (47)
  Roadster   (30)
  Hrnss Pny   (12)
  Wstrn Hrse   (296)
  Wstrn Rdng Lssns   (168)
  Wstrn Plsr   (170)
  EQ Wstrn   (118)
  Cutting   (32)
  Reining   (68)
  Rpng   (29)
  Cowhrse   (51)
  Pen-sort   (25)
  Brl Rcng   (68)
  Ple Bndng   (55)