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Friesian Shows - HSC Overview

Friesian trotting with handler in the show ring.

Friesian horse shows and events and classes are easy to locate on HSC. Show managers, secretaries and associations are invited to CREATE YOUR OWN FRIEISAN SHOWS LISTING online. After login you will have a private area from which to edit and update your ads, upload entry blanks and prize lists and other docs or pdfs. Post show results, utilize "real time" news features.

Your show/event ad will display multiple times by name, state, date, breed and by specific classes you offer. Each show ad gives direct links to the individual show/event's own website.


Those seeking classes in shows can visit the area of the site dedicated to Frieisan Shows Search. Type into the online horse show search facility the name of the show, or the month, breed, or specific class or discipline you are seeking. A list of shows will be presented to you; just click "details" to read the information each show has taken the time to present to you. Compare shows and plan your show season the easy way. Shows also provide you with ability to email and phone numbers.


Friesian horses developed from a very old breed of western Europe and is the only breed native to Holland. Because of the influence of eastern bloodlines, these horses almost became extinct. Today however, this wonderful breed is enjoying a revival and is fast becoming very popular in the United States as is made clear by the increasing numbers of Friesian horse shows and classes for Friesians in shows across the country.

Black coats, flying manes and tails, and high action insure these horses are a lovely sight in the show ring. Friesians, by their very nature, are talented show horses due to their intelligence, and readiness to learn and perform. WhileFriesian horse shows and class offerings are building in numbers throughout the county, the gentleness of this breed heightens their fame as recreational mounts also.

Friesians are wonderful to ride and are also very talented in dressage. There are always many driving classes since the ability, the history and the delight in seeing them teamed, or singly, pulling a wide assortment of carriages, or in quadrille, is a very well appreciated event. In quadrille, complex patterns are driven, showing the great trust one can place in the obedience and willingness of the Friesian.

The Friesian horse shows of today allow the rider/driver to enjoy the partnership of this incredible horse while experiencing a rare sense of pride and participation in history.

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Friesian Horse (Breed History)

Friesian- Friesian Bred horse shows

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Friesian Horse Shows by State:

  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Arizona   (5)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in California   (9)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Colorado   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Florida   (4)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Georgia   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Indiana   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Maine   (6)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Massachusetts   (8)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Minnesota   (4)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in New Hampshire   (4)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in North Carolina   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Ohio   (4)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Pennsylvania   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in West Virginia   (3)