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Overview of Horses for Sale by State & Performance Level, Page 10

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  Trail Clss in Texas   (17)
  Rdn Wstrn in Utah   (4)
  Wstrn Prfrmnc in Utah   (4)
  Cutting in Utah   (3)
  Trail Clss in Utah   (4)
  Hntseat in Vermont   (3)
  Dressage in Vermont   (3)
  Hntr in Vermont   (3)
  Plsr in Vermont   (5)
  Rdn Wstrn in Virginia   (7)
  Hntseat in Virginia   (12)
  Halter in Virginia   (3)
  Hm Plsr in Virginia   (9)
  Brdng stck in Virginia   (4)
  Dressage in Virginia   (6)
  Eventing in Virginia   (5)
  Hntr in Virginia   (3)
  Jmpr in Virginia   (5)
  Plsr in Virginia   (9)
  Wstrn Plsr sho in Virginia   (6)
  Eng Plsr sho in Virginia   (5)
  Cntry Plsr sho in Virginia   (3)
  EQ in Virginia   (5)
  EQ Hntseat in Virginia   (3)
  EQ Wstrn in Virginia   (4)
  Wstrn Prfrmnc in Virginia   (3)
  Tm Pen-sort in Virginia   (3)
  Wstrn Rdng sho in Virginia   (6)
  Trail Clss in Virginia   (7)
  Rdn Wstrn in Washington   (5)
  Hntseat in Washington   (6)
  Halter in Washington   (4)
  Hm Plsr in Washington   (5)
  Brdng stck in Washington   (3)
  Dressage in Washington   (5)
  Drvng in Washington   (3)
  Plsr in Washington   (6)
  Eng Plsr sho in Washington   (3)
  Cntry Plsr sho in Washington   (3)
  Wstrn Rdng sho in Washington   (3)
  Trail Clss in Washington   (5)
  Plsr in West Virginia   (3)
  Rdn Wstrn in Wisconsin   (8)
  Sadleseat sho in Wisconsin   (7)
  Hntseat in Wisconsin   (4)
  Halter in Wisconsin   (9)
  Brdng stck in Wisconsin   (5)
  Hntr in Wisconsin   (3)
  Gtd in Wisconsin   (4)
  ASB 3 Gtd in Wisconsin   (3)
  Plsr in Wisconsin   (12)
  Wstrn Plsr sho in Wisconsin   (3)
  Eng Plsr sho in Wisconsin   (7)