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Overview of Horses for Sale by State & Breed & Performance Level, Page 5

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  American Saddlebred F Hrnss in Ohio   (3)
  American Saddlebred Prk in Ohio   (3)
  American Saddlebred Plsr in Ohio   (4)
  American Saddlebred Eng Plsr sho in Ohio   (3)
  American Saddlebred Cntry Plsr sho in Ohio   (3)
  Quarter Horse Rdn Wstrn in Ohio   (4)
  Quarter Horse Plsr in Ohio   (3)
  Quarter Horse Wstrn Plsr sho in Ohio   (3)
  Quarter Horse Eng Plsr sho in Ohio   (3)
  Quarter Horse Trail Clss in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Rdn Wstrn in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Sadleseat sho in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Hntseat in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Dressage in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Eventing in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Hntr in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Jmpr in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse Endurance in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse EQ in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse EQ Hntseat in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse EQ Sdlseat in Ohio   (3)
  Sport Horse EQ Wstrn in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Rdn Wstrn in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Sadleseat sho in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Hntseat in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Dressage in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Eventing in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Hntr in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Jmpr in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred Endurance in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred EQ in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred EQ Hntseat in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred EQ Sdlseat in Ohio   (3)
  Thoroughbred EQ Wstrn in Ohio   (3)
  American Paint Halter in Oklahoma   (4)
  American Paint Hm Plsr in Oklahoma   (4)
  American Paint Trail Clss in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Rdn Wstrn in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Wstrn Prfrmnc in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Cutting in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Rpng in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Rnchhrs sho in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Cowhrse in Oklahoma   (4)
  Quarter Horse Tm Pen-sort in Oklahoma   (4)
  Sport Horse Hntseat in Oklahoma   (4)
  Sport Horse Hntr in Oklahoma   (4)
  Sport Horse Jmpr in Oklahoma   (4)
  Thoroughbred Hntseat in Oklahoma   (3)
  Thoroughbred Hntr in Oklahoma   (3)
  Thoroughbred Jmpr in Oklahoma   (3)
  American Paint Hntseat in Pennsylvania   (3)
  American Paint Jmpr in Pennsylvania   (3)
  American Saddlebred Hntseat in Pennsylvania   (3)
  American Saddlebred Plsr in Pennsylvania   (4)
  Andalusian - Lusitano Hntseat in Pennsylvania   (3)
  Andalusian - Lusitano Halter in Pennsylvania   (3)