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There is this funny thing about horses for sale! Whatever your goals may be as a horse owner, at some point you are most likely to find you either have a horse for sale, or wish to purchase a horse!!
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Free Horses for Sale Listings
Flashy 2006 AQHA Palomino Gelding Sayos Script
Quarter Horse Gelding
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$5,000 Kansas
Mustang Gelding
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500 Florida
Thumbkinda Chip
Quarter Horse Mare
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7500.00 Wisconsin
Arabian Mare
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3,000 Wisconsin
Thoroughbred Gelding
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4000 Alabama
Reminix Sundown Tari
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6800 Wisconsin
ASB Pinto
American Saddlebred Mare
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under $20,000 North Carolina
Rockin Romeo
Appaloosa Gelding
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3,500 Wisconsin
Quest’s Little Man
American Saddlebred Gelding
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$1200 West Virginia
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STANDARD HORSE FOR SALE LISTINGS ARE FREE ON HORSE SHOW CENTRAL. All listingsalso encourage the upload of a photo. FEATURED listings still require a fee, because more promotional tools are made available to you, and there is a small fee also for the site to carry videos for you, but anyone 'can' have a Free listing... for , you guessed it, Free!

All sale listings are limited to 3 months.. Things turn quickly on the internet. Howeverif your animal hasn't sold, just enter another free listing, or renew your featured listing.

HSC offers a database that allows each seller to provide many important details about each horse: photos, video, registration information, description of temperament and suitability, age, sex, etc. as well as who to contact. Here the seller and the buyer can begin a dialogue based on the good quality of details offered right from the beginning.

The Horses for sale section (including show animals, breeding stock, driving, pleasure or just a good family- horse), is searchable by breed, discipline, location, price range, the performance level of the animal plus what level rider the horse should be matched with at this time, as well as the animal's potential. A horse suitable for a professional, for example, is not suitable for an amateur ornovice rider.

HSC enjoys high traffic both local, state, and national and international readership. You can even email listings to others; this is the place to list your horses for Sale! We only ask that when your horse sells, you quickly login or inform us so your listing can be marked SOLD.

When you click to read the details about a sale-horse, in the body of that listing is a placeto click to email the owner. In this way, you can get feedback for your inquiries. The seller is protected because their email isn't visible, just a place to click. Once the sellerhas read the email, it is then their decision whether or not to reply.

Please note: if HSC staff have even the smallest feeling that your ad is spam, that adwill be instantly deleted. So it is in the interest of serious sellers to enter as many details about the sale animal as possible. Horse people want to know they are talking to other horse people!!!