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  May WSTRN PLSR in Kentucky   (3)
  May Eng. in Michigan   (4)
  May Wstrn. in Michigan   (4)
  May Pleasure in Michigan   (3)
  May Eng. in Minnesota   (3)
  May Wstrn. in Minnesota   (3)
  May Pleasure in Minnesota   (3)
  May Drvng in Minnesota   (3)
  May Saddleseat in Minnesota   (3)
  May Gaited in Minnesota   (3)
  May Equitation in Minnesota   (3)
  May Hunter in Minnesota   (3)
  May WSTRN PLSR in Minnesota   (3)
  May Eng. in Missouri   (5)
  May Wstrn. in Missouri   (3)
  May Pleasure in Missouri   (4)
  May Equitation in Missouri   (3)
  May Hunter in Missouri   (3)
  May WSTRN PLSR in Missouri   (3)
  May Eng. in New Mexico   (3)
  May Eng. in New York   (4)
  May Wstrn. in New York   (4)
  May Pleasure in New York   (4)
  May Drvng in New York   (3)
  May Equitation in New York   (4)
  May Hunter in New York   (4)
  May WSTRN PLSR in New York   (4)
  May Eng. in North Carolina   (3)
  May Wstrn. in North Carolina   (3)
  May Pleasure in North Carolina   (3)
  May Equitation in North Carolina   (3)
  May Hunter in North Carolina   (3)
  May Eng. in Ohio   (13)
  May Wstrn. in Ohio   (13)
  May Pleasure in Ohio   (13)
  May Drvng in Ohio   (8)
  May Saddleseat in Ohio   (7)
  May Academy in Ohio   (3)
  May Gaited in Ohio   (8)
  May Cntry Plsr in Ohio   (4)
  May Equitation in Ohio   (10)
  May Hunter in Ohio   (10)
  May Barrel Racing in Ohio   (4)
  May WSTRN PLSR in Ohio   (12)
  May Eng. in Oklahoma   (4)
  May Wstrn. in Oklahoma   (4)
  May Pleasure in Oklahoma   (3)
  May Equitation in Oklahoma   (3)
  May Hunter in Oklahoma   (3)
  May WSTRN PLSR in Oklahoma   (3)
  May Eng. in Pennsylvania   (5)
  May Wstrn. in Pennsylvania   (4)
  May Pleasure in Pennsylvania   (4)
  May Drvng in Pennsylvania   (4)