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  February Eng. in California   (3)
  February Wstrn. in California   (3)
  February Pleasure in California   (3)
  February Equitation in California   (3)
  February Wstrn. in Texas   (3)
  March Eng. in Missouri   (3)
  March Wstrn. in Missouri   (3)
  March Pleasure in Missouri   (3)
  March WSTRN PLSR in Missouri   (3)
  March Eng. in Texas   (5)
  March Wstrn. in Texas   (3)
  March Pleasure in Texas   (3)
  March Equitation in Texas   (4)
  March Jumper in Texas   (3)
  March Hunter in Texas   (5)
  March WSTRN PLSR in Texas   (3)
  April Eng. in California   (10)
  April Wstrn. in California   (10)
  April Pleasure in California   (9)
  April Drvng in California   (6)
  April Saddleseat in California   (3)
  April Gaited in California   (3)
  April Equitation in California   (7)
  April Hunter in California   (7)
  April Barrel Racing in California   (4)
  April Reining in California   (3)
  April WSTRN PLSR in California   (7)
  April Eng. in Florida   (3)
  April Eng. in Kentucky   (3)
  April Eng. in New Jersey   (3)
  April Wstrn. in New Jersey   (3)
  April Pleasure in New Jersey   (3)
  April Hunter in New Jersey   (3)
  April Eng. in North Carolina   (4)
  April Wstrn. in North Carolina   (4)
  April Pleasure in North Carolina   (4)
  April Equitation in North Carolina   (3)
  April Hunter in North Carolina   (4)
  April WSTRN PLSR in North Carolina   (4)
  April Eng. in Ohio   (4)
  April Wstrn. in Ohio   (4)
  April Pleasure in Ohio   (4)
  April Saddleseat in Ohio   (3)
  April Gaited in Ohio   (3)
  April Equitation in Ohio   (3)
  April Hunter in Ohio   (3)
  April WSTRN PLSR in Ohio   (3)
  April Eng. in South Carolina   (3)
  April Wstrn. in South Carolina   (3)
  April Pleasure in South Carolina   (4)
  April Drvng in South Carolina   (3)
  April Eng. in Tennessee   (4)
  April Wstrn. in Tennessee   (4)