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  Pony in Kentucky   (3)
  Quarter Horse in Kentucky   (6)
  SportHorse in Kentucky   (6)
  Standardbred in Kentucky   (13)
  Warmblood Horse Shows and Events in Kentucky   (5)
  Appaloosa in Louisiana   (6)
  Arabian- Half Arabian in Louisiana   (6)
  Miniature Horse in Louisiana   (6)
  Paint in Louisiana   (6)
  Pinto in Louisiana   (6)
  Quarter Horse in Louisiana   (6)
  ALL BREEDS in Maine   (3)
  American Saddlebred in Maine   (9)
  Appaloosa in Maine   (3)
  Arabian- Half Arabian in Maine   (5)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Maine   (6)
  Morgan in Maine   (10)
  Quarter Horse in Maine   (7)
  Standardbred in Maine   (4)
  Tennessee Walking Horse in Maine   (5)
  Warmblood in Maine   (7)
  ALL BREEDS in Massachusetts   (5)
  American Saddlebred in Massachusetts   (9)
  Appaloosa in Massachusetts   (3)
  Arabian- Half Arabian in Massachusetts   (3)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Massachusetts   (8)
  Hackney in Massachusetts   (3)
  Hackney Pony in Massachusetts   (5)
  Miniature Horse in Massachusetts   (4)
  Morgan in Massachusetts   (13)
  Pinto in Massachusetts   (3)
  Pony in Massachusetts   (4)
  Quarter Horse in Massachusetts   (3)
  SportHorse in Massachusetts   (3)
  Tennessee Walking Horse in Massachusetts   (3)
  Warmblood in Massachusetts   (11)
  ALL BREEDS in Michigan   (21)
  American Saddlebred in Michigan   (3)
  Appaloosa in Michigan   (5)
  Arabian- Half Arabian in Michigan   (3)
  Morgan in Michigan   (8)
  Paint in Michigan   (4)
  POA in Michigan   (4)
  Pony in Michigan   (5)
  Quarter Horse in Michigan   (18)
  SportHorse in Michigan   (4)
  Thoroughbred in Michigan   (4)
  Warmblood in Michigan   (5)
  American Saddlebred in Minnesota   (8)
  Arabian- Half Arabian in Minnesota   (8)
  Friesian- Friesian Bred in Minnesota   (4)
  Hackney in Minnesota   (3)
  Hackney Pony in Minnesota   (6)
  Morgan in Minnesota   (7)
  Pony in Minnesota   (3)
  Warmblood in Minnesota   (5)
  ALL BREEDS in Missouri   (8)
  American Saddlebred in Missouri   (12)
  Appaloosa in Missouri   (11)