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Page 5: Horse Shows by Discipline, then which State or Month

Discipline classes in shows come in great variety but one must know which states offer the events with the opportunities to perform that you want, and then the States where they occur too.

To your right, you will see the HSC Calendar search tool, which we offer free for your use here.

Perhaps the state in which you reside offers more discipline classes that you realize in this or that month, and maybe states close to you do the same. On these pages, we have only included the disciplines that usually have full classes when offered, and we have narrowed the months and states to those that offer 3 or more chances to compete in the class you most favor.

To locate States that offer these popular discipline competitions, we use the ANSI number for each state rather than the two letter abbreviation. You can simply hover your mouse over the number to read the URL.
Months are linked here according to the number of the month, such as April being #4 and Feb #2.


  Select A discipline for classes countrywide, or select a state to locate classes for that discipline in that one state.
Show-jumping is a totally current and finely historical discipline, with many divisions, according to the age and ability, and the jumping course difficulty reflects that as well as the height and difficulty of the jumps themselves. Opportunities abound, for all ages from beginning up through Olympic competitions and beyond. The layout and complexity of the courses can range from very simple to quite incredible. The winning animal and rider are a working unit, placing raw ability, honed skill, balance and flexibility against the clock that breaks times into the smallest segments, plus the subtraction of any faults that occur.
MONTHS in which 3 or more shows are available:
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
STATES ( offering 3 or more):
06  09  12  13  18  19  25  34  39  40  47  48 
as a discipline or type of class ,requires more of an animated motion that other similar categories. The gaits are animated, very stylish, with quality and presence. This category is very popular for the Saddlebred, Arabian and Morgan, in saddleseat tack, although they may be driven rather than ridden. Examples include Park Saddle, Amateur, Harness, Pleasure and Prk Plsr Driving.
MONTHS (3 or more shows):
3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
STATES ( 3 or more):
04  06  08  12  17  18  21  25  26  27  29  33  36  37  39  40  42  45  47  48  55 
is now an Olympic discipline, but is also found at all levels from local to state to national. Generally a reiner is either an American Quarter or Paint Horse, but others also include this skill in competitions. Patterns must be performed at the bidding of the rider, with loose reins in only one hand, and only one finger between reins. It’s a serious skill and now often called western dressage. Less extreme, but related is team penning-sorting.
MONTHS (each with 3 or more offerings):
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 
STATES (again at least 3 in each):
04  06  08  13  17  26  29  31  35  37  39  40  47  48  53  55 

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