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Horse Shows by Discipline, Then Which State or Month

Locate Discipline classes at shows, each month and in every state. Disciplines create many types of classes. A competitive discipline is one long practiced, or trained for and other than breed is the most important of categories for those involved in exhibiting.

All disciplines in shows have a following, and most offer state and national awards as well as prizes at any individual event. State championships are the norm, and often there is a world championship to be earned. Knowing the month and state where your Discipline Classes can be found is profoundly useful. Our Calendar search tool is free to anyone who wishes to use it. Or use the one to your right.

Below, and in following pages, HSC lists “the most popular disciplines.” Click on a single discipline and shows that offer such classes, all across the country will display for you.

Under each individual discipline are “Discipline Classes per Month”, throughout the year.. Each month is represented by a month-number, with January being #1, June being #6, etc. And below that are states that offer at least 3 competitions a year that include your favorite discipline.

To locate “Discipline classes per State”, we use the ANSI number for each state rather than the two letter abbreviation. simply hover your mouse over the number to read the URL


  Three options are available. 1) Click on a discipline name to see classes countrywide. 2) Click on a state , directly under a discipline to locate classes for that discipline in that one state. 3) Under State, click a Month to see discipline classes during that month across the country.
has become very popular recently for the benefit of the young riders who need to learn skills step by step, and who can now enjoy showing within a peer group of their own. Sometimes there are leadline classes, manky only walk-trot, no canter.
Found throughout these MONTHS:
3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
And in these STATES:
04  06  08  13  17  19  21  23  27  29  36  37  39  47  48  55 
Barrel Racing
has always been tons of fun, and also required razor sharp Skills in both rider and mount. Ranch work requires both speed and agility, turning on a dime in balance, with good take offs and starts. Little equals the thrill of running the barrels! All ages compete with many levels nationally.
Found throughout these MONTHS:
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 
And in these STATES:
06  09  13  17  18  26  29  35  37  39  47  48  51  55 
Country Pleasure
has in recent years become very popular in competitions across American, with many sub-disciplines or categories of classes, from Country Plsr English and Hunter tack to Western, and Driving plus Cntry Plsr Junior Exhbt, Adult, and Novice distinctions. Manners are key, without the fire and animation of Park or Stake winners, although the high placing animal’s attitude must have a bit of shine.
MONTHS in which 3 events with classes are found:
3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
And the same for these STATES:
04  06  08  12  13  17  18  19  21  23  25  26  27  29  32  36  37  39  42  45  47  48  51  53 

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