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Current Horse Shows Calendar

Horse Show Calendar Directory Listings.

Featured Calendar entries include downloads of prize lists, schedules, entry blanks to exhibitors & direct calendar link to show web site. Post results & more.

SHARE current and important News Updates 24/7, everyday!

Calendar entries display multiple times by date, state, breed AND by classes offered.

By offering an extensive Horse Show Calendar, HSC enables every show, large or small, local, state or national, to talk to the nation, and at the same time also helps exhibitors who want location and event-entry at their fingertips.

You are invited to join HSC's SHOW CALENDAR community!!
Entries in the Horse Show Calendar appear below in the following order: Featured ads first, followed by the $5 Standard ads. Within each section shows are ordered by what is current “today”.
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Featured Horse Shows Calendar

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To contact any single event included in the calendar, simply click to read the details of that single entry and in the body of that individual ad there is a sentence that says click here to email. This puts any potential exhibitor in touch with any event very quickly. Of course potential exhibitors can pick up the phone too, since phone numbers are also provided!

However, every email is accessible yet protected, until you reply!

Inclusion in the Calendar is either with a standard or a featured listing, and each has an annual fee, which is affordable for any single competition, or any series of competitions.

STANDARD LISTING - is only $5 per year. This basic calendar format tells everyone your name, location, date, the breeds and disciplines for which you offer classes and even many, many specific types of classes.

FEATURED LISTING - is only $49 per year and this calendar listing format is huge. A featured ad can deliver total information to fans, right here, as well as push traffic to the event’s own official website.

Exhibitors can print out prize lists, class schedules and entry blanks (up to 3 entry blanks), plus know and arrange stable/feed/bedding in advance. The calendar format provides many good and common sense opportunities to talk about special classes or special features, along with special parties too. There is a section that appears at the top of each calendar listing strictly for important news updates! There is a photo gallery, plus the logo. Every competition is given the chance to tell exhibitors, in great detail, what the show is really all about and why exhibitors or audiences would want to attend. There are so many sections to the featured calendar ad made available for promotion and description, that they really can’t be listed here. Login and check it out!

Featured calendar listings are displayed first, on every HorseShowCentral search page. All standard calendar listings come next. Below the standard listings are free listings, but HSC can no longer accept free entries into the Calendar. Older entries will be respected, but any new listing must come with its minimal yearly fee.

All calendar entries are edited by each individual competition. Everyone can edit or update 24/7. It is very wise to login and edit your event start dates as soon after January 1, as possible. Traffic on HSC is heavy and constant, and exhibitors want to be in the know so as to plan their year, which is why they refer to the calendar at all!

Shows update so exhibitors are updated. Join the HSC Horse Show Calendar community!