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Horse Transport Services & Trailer sales are essential to the industry and this is a high traffic area for site visitors. because it is an ongoing need.

If your business offers transportation services or trailer sales this is the place to tell others what you offer.

This Horse Transport & Trailer sales area is searchable by business name, type of service and location.

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Name Products/Service State

Standard Transport Hauling Listings

Premier Horse Transport of California
We serve the central/western states.
Hauling - Transport Service Texas
The Organized Barn & Tailer
Make use of wall space in barn, or trailer .
Barns-Heavy Equipment-Stalls-Fencing
Hauling - Transport Service
Tack & Supply
Trailers - Trucks
New England Mobile Equine Services
Going The Distance !
Hauling - Transport Service New Hampshire
Blue Diamond Stables-CEM Quarantine
Transport plus Import CEM and Export Quarantine Facility.
Hauling - Transport Service Ohio
Nationwide transport.
Hauling - Transport Service California
D & D Horse Transport
Ship with Confidence!
Hauling - Transport Service California
Anywhere in the USA.
Hauling - Transport Service Florida
Al’s Horse Academy Equine Transportation
AZ and across the US.
Hauling - Transport Service Arizona
Santa Fe Horse Transport & Appraisal
Full service race-horse transportation & Appraisals.
Hauling - Transport Service Florida
Trailers and Roping Supply.
Hauling - Transport Service
Tack & Supply
Trailers - Trucks
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Transporting horses can be relatively safe and your worries can be mostly answered before hiring a service. You must approach this with certain questions that require good answers and assurances.
Whatever transport company you talk to, be sure to ask AND get AND check references. There is nothing silly about this; it’s actually very important. If you have insurance you need to know if your company covers your animal or if the transport company is licensed and has their own insurance to cover your animal. This too is vitally important. Others issues include how many animals the company transports at one time, how often do they stop during the trip and for how long ( it is good to give every animal time to urinate, and to be watered too, plus rest a bit, all of which requires at least a 20 to 30 minute stop. Be sure your they are to be watered !!! Generally no grain, but maybe some hay is good while travelling, and either a free box space or a very lose tie. Is there to be a layover, which might be really needed on long hauls. One assumes there will be ramps for loading and unloading, but it is good to ask. Nothing is too silly to ask, in the attempt to heighten safety and well-being

When looking at trailers for sale, it can be a tough job, be they new or used. Prime questions of course relate to cost, features and what you assume are advantages or disadvantages of each.
Issues to cover in your own mind and then ask the seller about, would include the issue of ramp or step-down and where this is located (rear or side). Then there are slant loads and straight loads, bumper pulls or goosenecks and what weight can the pulling vehicle take easily and safely. For sure a double axel is a better ride for the animals. For sure padded is best ! Other issues are lights, led or otherwise, brakes and does the trailer stop by itself if it comes loose? Exterior lights are good, but interior are very good since horses don’t see so well into dark areas. Another question is with tack room, or without.

Ventilation is very key, and the best is window plus air strips, because air is more important that heat, to horses. f they can be free, or on a loose tie they can get their heads down and breathe better, but windows and air strips are important and so helpful !!

For the owners and for sellers of services or products related to transport and hauling, the site area is helpful to both, which is the goal of course. For sellers there are Standard sellers, $5 a year, which provides basic info and gives contact info too for the public. For Featured sellers, $49 a year, the promotion is quite excellent with many ‘plus’ features, space for lots of description, upload/downloads, lots of space for images. Check out a few of the Featured Businesses and you will clearly see the advantages.