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Light Horse Breeds M through Z, with info and images

Well balanced equine conformation. Below are the second half of the light horse individual pages.

BREEDS - M Through Z
are listed on this page.
Three other breed pages are as follows:

Click on each breed name to find history plus modern day applications and use, along with strengths and recognized weaknesses of each. You will also find images, sometimes few, sometimes a lot, depending on what has been donated and approved.


Mangalarga MarchadorMangalarga Marchador
The Mangalarga Marchador a breed originated in Brazil, neither trots nor paces, but travels with a naturally smooth marching gait. The Mangalarga Marachador is good with cattle or pleasure and is a safe mount for children.
The Maremma is a breed from Italy famous for working cattle in its native habitat, can also be a talented jumper, and is used in sports and recreational riding. Still bred in semi-wild herds, a stud book was founded in 1980.
The Marwari has rare breed status today, although the breed's history extends to Medieval times. This is a gaited breed, with many unique features and is now supported by the government of India.
The Minaiture Horse, while not new in the world, is today an official breed with many registries, and has become popular throughout the word.
Missouri Fox TrotterMissouri Fox Trotter
The Missouri Fox Trotter, a breed developed in the Ozark Mountains of America, is centuries old, possesses a very unique gait, is very sure-footed and provides a very comfortable ride.
The Morgan was the first great American breed, based on one famous foundation sire named Figure, but later called Justin Morgan. Morgans are used in many disciplines and favored across the world.
The Murgese , Murgesi or Murge Horse, traces to Spanish rule in Italy, and was re-established as a breed in the 1920's. Once a cavalry mount, they have a decided aptitude for classic dressage, sharing some bloodlines with the Lippizan.